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New Vernier Lab Book Guides the Exploration of Human Physiology

Beaverton, OR – August 1, 2005 – High school and college students can now use advanced technology to study important concepts in health and physiology including blood pressure, lung function, grip strength, and more. Created for high school and college labs, Vernier Software & Technology’s new lab book, Human Physiology with Vernier, contains 24 hands-on physiology experiments using Vernier data-collection technology.

Written by Diana Gordon and Steven L. Gordon, M.D., Human Physiology with Vernier provides students with step-by-step instructions for measuring heart rate, blood pressure, EKG, EMG, grip strength, lung function, and more. The concept of homeostasis—the ability or tendency to maintain metabolic equilibrium by adjusting physiological processes to offset disrupting changes—is an underlying theme throughout the book.

The experiments use a variety of Vernier physiology sensors, the award-winning
Logger Pro data-collection software, the Vernier LabPro interface, and either Macintosh or Windows computers. Logger Pro software gives students a visual interpretation of scientific data and the means for developing a hypothesis, collecting data, and analyzing results. The lab book also comes with a CD that contains word-processing files of student pages that teachers can edit to suit specific classroom needs.

“The hands-on exploration of human physiology in this lab book is perfect for high school and college physiology or for educators teaching students who aspire to enter the health care field,” said David Vernier, co-founder of Vernier and former physics teacher. “Advanced Placement biology teachers will also find this lab book helpful. Teachers can use the labs on blood pressure to fulfill one of the 12 recommended labs for Advanced Placement Biology.”

Human Physiology with Vernier also contains extensive information for teachers, such as complete directions for setting up the experiments, sample results, sample graphs, answers to questions, and other helpful hints. The appendix includes safety information.

Pricing and Availability
Human Physiology with Vernier is available for $45, and the Logger Pro software is available for $149 for a site license. For $1,075, buyers can obtain a physiology deluxe package that includes all the hardware needed to do every lab in Human Physiology with Vernier: a LabPro interface, an EKG Sensor, a Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor, a Surface Temperature Sensor, a Blood Pressure Sensor, a Hand Dynamometer, a Spirometer, and an O2 Gas Sensor. The recommended purchase is one deluxe package per lab station.

Sample labs are available at

About Vernier Software & Technology
Vernier Software & Technology has been an innovator of data-collection technology for nearly 25 years. Creating easy-to-use and affordable science interfaces, sensors, and software, their products can be found in education from elementary school to college. Vernier helps teachers enhance their science curriculum, increase learning, and build students’ critical thinking skills. For more information visit

About Vernier Software & Technology

Vernier Software & Technology has been a leading innovator of scientific data-collection technology for 32 years. Focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), Vernier is dedicated to developing creative ways to teach and learn using hands-on science. Vernier creates easy-to-use and affordable science interfaces, sensors, and graphing/analysis software. With world-wide distribution to over 130 countries, Vernier products are used by educators and students from elementary school to college. Vernier’s technology-based solutions enhance STEM education, increase learning, and build students’ critical thinking skills. Vernier’s business culture is grounded in Earth-friendly policies and practices, and the company provides a family-friendly workplace. For more information, visit


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