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NSTA Blog Features Go!Link and Hand Dynamometer

A review of Vernier’s Go!Link and Hand Dynamometer was recently featured in the NSTA Blog. In the article, reviewer Edwin Christmann provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the data-collection technologies, highlights their key features, and explains how they result in “meaningful scientific engagement.” In the review, he goes on to say:

“Once again, Vernier has developed a device that can be used to integrate the NRC Standards (i.e. Standards A & E) and shows students how using the proper scientific tools to gather data can be both relevant and exciting.”

The Go!Link USB is a single-channel interface that connects most Vernier sensors—including the Hand Dynamometer—to a computer or Chromebook USB port. The Hand Dynamometer measures grip and pinch strength and can be used to perform muscle fatigue studies with students from middle school through high school.

Read the complete review of the Go!Link and Hand Dynamometer on the NSTA Blog »

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