International Prices

All Vernier Software orders outside the US and Canada (except DoDDs addresses) are handled by our international distributor, Vernier International, and the worldwide network of Vernier dealers. Canadian orders are handled by Merlan Scientific. Find your dealer in your country »

All prices are effective January 1st of each year, are in US Dollars, and are ex-works Sarasota Florida USA. The following is the pricing schedule for all orders that are placed through Vernier International. All inquiries regarding international customers should be directed to Vernier International.

646 products shown.
Order CodeProductList Price
30V-BTA30-Volt Voltage Probe$67
3D-BTA3-Axis Accelerometer$135
7120BBNC pH Electrode$56
AA-OEKAdjustable Analyzer Replacement$75
AAR-OEKAdjustable Analyzer for Rotary Motion Sensor Replacement$55
ABP-EActivity Based Physics High School e-dition$250
ACC-BTA25-g Accelerometer$126
ACC-RODRod for Photogate or Dual-Range Force Sensor$6
ACC-VDSFasteners for Dual-Range Force Sensor and Accelerometer$15
AK-RMVRotational Motion Accessory Kit$141
AL-VDSAdjustable Two Foot Leveler$14
ALTAALTA II Reflectance Spectrometer$252
AM-OEKAdjustable Mirror Replacement$39
AMPKAmusement Park Physics$48
APT-OEKAperture Assembly$24
ARD-REDSparkFun RedBoard with cable$40
AS-VDSAdjustable End Stop$11
ATA-DFSAir Track Adapter$80
AWVAgricultural Science with Vernier$66
B-SPAPulley Bracket$17
BB-BTABreadboard Cable (Analog)$14
BB-BTDBreadboard Cable (Digital)$15
BC-2000BioChamber 2000$26
BC-250BioChamber 250$9
BD-100XProScope 100X Lens$230
BD-10XProScope 1-10X Lens$230
BD-200XProScope 200X Lens$230
BD-30NProScope 30N Lens$230
BD-400XProScope 400X Lens$375
BD-50XProScope 50X Lens$187
BD-BODYProScope HR Base Unit$218
BD-CMOUNTProScope C-Mount Adapter with IR Cut Filter$71
BD-DLXProScope HR Deluxe Kit$1,300
BD-HCProScope Hard Case$67
BD-HR-ALABProScope HR Advanced Lab$1,536
BD-HR-LABProScope HR Lab$1,128
BD-HR-LVL1ProScope HR CSI Science Level 1$584
BD-HR-LVL2ProScope HR CSI Science Level 2$992
BD-HR2-BIOLBiology ProScope HR2 Kit$910
BD-HR2-DLXProScope HR2 Deluxe Kit$1,415
BD-HR2BBasic ProScope HR2 Kit$407
BD-HR2BODYProScope HR2 Base Unit$285
BD-HRBBasic ProScope HR Kit$271
BD-HRBIOLBiology ProScope HR Kit$866
BD-MTAProScope Microscope Tube Adapter$162
BD-PMM-GLXYS4KProScope Micro Mobile for Galaxy S4$203
BD-PMM-IP4KProScope Micro Mobile (iPhone 4/4S)$203
BD-PMM-IP5KProScope Micro Mobile (iPhone 5/5S)$203
BD-PMM-IPADKProScope Micro Mobile (iPad)$203
BD-PMM-IPAIRKProScope Micro Mobile for iPad Air$203
BD-PMM-IPMINIKProScope Micro Mobile (iPad mini)$203
BD-PMM-IPT4KProScope Micro Mobile (iPod touch 4th Gen)$203
BD-STANDProScope Stand$135
BIO-AAdvanced Biology with Vernier$66
BIO-IInvestigating Biology through Inquiry$66
BL-DBSBlue Digital Bioimaging System$1,087
BLKBumper and Launcher Kit$122
BLUE-USBBluetooth USB Adapter$51
BLUE-VIEWBlueView Transilluminator$570
BPS-BTABlood Pressure Sensor$143
BR-RRSBrass Rod Replacements$41
BT-ARDVernier Arduino Interface Shield$34
BT-MDAQVernier myDAQ Adapter$81
BTA-DINBTA to DIN Adapter$6
BTA-ELVAnalog Proto Board Adapter$14
BTA-NXTNXT Sensor Adapter$50
BTD-ELVDigital Proto Board Adapter$14
BTLpH Storage Solution Bottles (5)$14
BULB10 #48 2.0V Lamps for Vernier Circuit Board$13
BWVBiology with Vernier$66
CA-BTACalcium Ion-Selective Electrode$229
CA-HSTStandard High Ca ISE Solution$22
CA-LSTStandard Low Ca ISE Solution$22
CA-MODCalcium Replacement Module$86
CART-MECMotion Encoder Cart$232
CART-PPlunger Cart$134
CART-SStandard Cart$116
CB-BTALabPro/CBL2 Analog Cable$6
CB-BTDLabPro/CBL2 Digital Cable$6
CB-IRTCable for Infrared Thermometer$21
CB-SLMCable for Sound Level Meter$21
CB-USBLabPro USB Computer Cable$7
CBL-2PCBL Dual Photogate Adapter$25
CBL-PCBL Photogate Adapter$6
CBL-RJ11CBL Adapter for ULI Motion Detector$6
CBL2CBL 2$267
CBR2CBR 2$161
CBS-IBMCable LabPro/SBI to IBM$14
CBTChest Belt Transmitter$66
CCS-BTAConstant Current System$81
CCS-BTA-INTLConstant Current System (INTL)$88
CELLS-POLChemical Polarimeter Cells$90
CFACentripetal Force Apparatus$543
CHEM-AAdvanced Chemistry with Vernier$66
CHEM-DXLabPro Chemistry Deluxe Package$971
CHEM-IInvestigating Chemistry through Inquiry$66
CHEM-OOrganic Chemistry with Vernier$66
CHEM-POLPolarimeter (Chemical)$679
CHEM-STRLabPro Chemistry Starter Package$577
CL-BTAChloride Ion-Selective Electrode$229
CL-HSTStandard High Cl ISE Solution$22
CL-LSTStandard Low Cl ISE Solution$22
CM-OEKColor Mixer Kit$204
CM-OEK-INTLOEK Color Mixer Kit (INTL)$211
CMV-LPCiencias con lo Mejor de Vernier$66
CNM-OEKConvex Mirror Replacement$33
CO2-BTACO2 Gas Sensor$318
CO2-BTL250 mL Nalgene Bottle w/Lid$5
CO2-GROMGrommets for CO2 Gas Sensor$9
CON-BTAConductivity Probe$122
CON-HSTStandard High Concentration (12880 μS/cm) Solution$22
CON-LSTStandard Low Concentration (150 μS/cm) Solution$22
CON-MSTStandard Medium Concentration (1413 μS/cm) Solution$22
CPVCiencia en la Primaria con Vernier$66
CRG-BTACharge Sensor$102
CUFF-LGBlood Pressure Cuff (Large)$48
CUFF-SMBlood Pressure Cuff (Small)$44
CUFF-STDBlood Pressure Cuff (Standard)$41
CUVPlastic Cuvettes (visible range)$21
CUV-HOLDCuvette Holder$5
CUV-LIDCuvette Lids (100 per pack)$7
CUV-QUARTZQuartz Cuvettes$217
CUV-RACKCuvette Rack$13
CUV-UVPlastic Cuvettes (UV-VIS)$135
CWVChemistry with Vernier$66
DAKDiffraction Apparatus$747
DAK-INTLDiffraction Apparatus (INTL)$754
DCP-BTACurrent Probe$54
DCRDavis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Console/Receiver$402
DCT-DINDirect-Connect Temperature Probe$35
DCU-BTDDigital Control Unit$83
DENA Den of Inquiry, Volume 1$55
DEN2A Den of Inquiry, Volume 2$55
DFS-BTADual-Range Force Sensor$149
DG-BTDLabPro Digital Adapter$6
DIN-BTADIN to BTA Adapter$6
DMPLMounting Pole Kit (Weather Station)$48
DMTRMounting Tripod Kit (Weather Station)$102
DO-BTADissolved Oxygen Probe$267
DO-CALDO Calibration Solution$6
DSS-DAKDiffraction Slit System$204
DVData Vest$57
DV-FOAMData Vest Foam$3
DVP-BTADifferential Voltage Probe$54
DWL-MACDavis WeatherLink for Mac OS X$225
DWL-PCUDavis WeatherLink for Windows$225
DWLINK-IPDavis WeatherLinkIP$402
DWPLUSDavis Vantage Pro2 Plus Wireless Weather Station$1,354
DWVPDavis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station$810
DWVUEDavis Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station$538
DWVUE-CRDavis Vantage Vue Console/Receiver$266
EA-BTAElectrode Amplifier$51
EHR-BTAExercise Heart Rate Monitor$119
EKG-BTAEKG Sensor$200
ELB-TEMPLet's Go! Investigating Temperature$21
ELECEKG Electrodes$17
ELEM-DXGo! Elementary Deluxe Package$680
ELEM-STGo! Elementary Starter Package$294
EPVEngineering Projects with NI LabVIEW and Vernier$66
ESIInvestigating Environmental Science through Inquiry$66
ESK-CRGElectrostatics Kit$149
ESUPElectrode Support$14
ESVEarth Science with Vernier$66
ETH-BTAEthanol Sensor$149
ETH-CAPSEthanol Cap Assemblies (3)$14
ETH-STOP#6 Stopper for Ethanol Sensor$6
ETH-TAPETape for Ethanol Sensor$5
EWVElementary Science with Vernier$66
EXPSExtech Digital DC Power Supply$288
EXT-BTAAnalog Extension Cable$17
EXT-BTDDigital Extension Cable$17
EXT-DIN5-Pin DIN Extender$17
EZ-LINKVernier EasyLink$76
EZ-TMPVernier EasyTemp$52
FLO-BTAFlow Rate Sensor$176
FP-BTAForce Plate$334
FP-HANExtra Force Plate Handles$21
FPH-BNCBNC Flat pH Electrode$88
FPH-BTATris-Compatible Flat pH Sensor$135
FSDO Filling Solution, 125 mL$9
FTA-DFSForce Table Adapter$42
FUSE-HCSReplacement Fuse for High Current Sensor$7
FWVForensics with Vernier$41
GAGraphical Analysis 3$82
GA-EGraphical Analysis (Download)$82
GA-ST5Graphical Analysis Student CD 5-Pack$14
GC-SEPGC Septa (package of 4)$45
GC-SYR-MICGC 1μL Hamilton Syringe$129
GC2-MINIVernier Mini GC Plus$2,875
GC2-MINI-EUROMini GC Plus (European Power Supply)$2,882
GDL-DAKGreen Diffraction Laser$340
GGL-VPLGoggles (Set of 2)$9
GL-TPGo!Link Teacher Pack$628
GLC-USBTI Connectivity Kit USB$25
GM-CALCGo! Motion to Calculator Cable$11
GMC-USBGo! Motion to Computer Cable$7
GNM-ARMSGoniometer Replacement Arms (3 flexible arms)$22
GNM-STRAPSGoniometer Replacement Straps (4 elastic straps)$21
GO-MOT-TPGo!Motion Teacher Pack$1,151
GO-QSPGo!Link Quick-Start Package$146
GPS-BTAGas Pressure Sensor$106
GT-TPGo!Temp Teacher Pack$397
GW-BAT-100Go Wireless Battery$9
GW-CBGo Wireless Charging Cable$13
GW-CRGGo Wireless Charging Station$51
GW-TEMPGo Wireless Temp$96
GW-TEMP-NPReplacement Go Wireless Temp (Sensor Only)$88
GW-TEMP-TPGo Wireless Temp Teacher Pack (includes charging station)$755
HCS-BTAHigh Current Sensor$108
HD-BTAHand Dynamometer$135
HGH-BTAHand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor$162
HGH-GRIPHand Grip Transmitter$128
HOODImaging Hood$83
HOOPS-BLKHoop Bumpers for Bumper and Launcher Kit$21
HP-AHuman Physiology with Vernier$66
HR-RECHeart Rate Receiver$62
HS-OEKHalf Screen Replacement$34
HVEK-CRGHigh-Voltage Electrostatics Kit$339
HVEK-CRG-INTLHigh-Voltage Electrostatics Kit (INTL)$353
INA-BTAInstrumentation Amplifier$94
IOM-VPLIndependence of Motion Accessory$67
IPSVernier AC Adapter$12
IRT-BTAInfrared Thermometer$230
K-BTAPotassium Ion-Selective Electrode$229
K-HSTHigh Standard Potassium Solution$22
K-LSTLow Standard Potassium Solution$22
K-MODPotassium Replacement Module$81
KW-ABBS10KidWind Airfoil Balsa Blade Sheets (10 Pack)$23
KW-AWXKidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit$166
KW-AWXCKidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit (Classroom Pack)$432
KW-AWXNAdvanced Wind Experiment Kit Nacelle$71
KW-BB100KidWind Balsa Blade Sheets (100 Pack)$115
KW-BBS10KidWind Balsa Blade Sheets (10 Pack)$15
KW-BDCKidWind Blade Design Consumables$118
KW-BPPKidWind Blade Pitch Protractor$5
KW-BTPARTKidWind Basic Turbine Building Parts$15
KW-BTPART10KidWind Basic Turbine Building Parts (10 Pack)$118
KW-BWXKidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit$116
KW-BWXCKidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit (Classroom Pack)$305
KW-CB50Chipboard Sheets$12
KW-D100KidWind Dowels (100 Pack)$11
KW-D25KidWind Dowels (25 Pack)$5
KW-DSDrivetrain Set$10
KW-GEARGear Set with Spool$11
KW-GENKidWind Wind Turbine Generator with Wires$6
KW-HIGENHigh Torque Generator with Wires$8
KW-MWTKidWind MINI Wind Turbine$46
KW-MWTBDKidWind MINI Wind Turbine with Blade Design$59
KW-POBDKidWind Power Output Board$47
KW-POPKidWind Power Output Pack$9
KW-PUMPKidWind Small Water Pump with Tubing$14
KW-REDKidWind Red Blade Set$12
KW-SASKSun Angle Science Kit$59
KW-SGENKidWind simpleGEN$33
KW-SGENCKidWind simpleGEN (Classroom Pack)$279
KW-SLBKidWind Sound and Light Board$11
KW-SP12VKidWind 12V/500mA Solar Panel$86
KW-SP2VKidWind 2V/400mA Solar Panel$14
KW-STXKSolar Thermal Exploration Kit $48
KW-TBSKidWind Tower and Base Set$18
KW-WTHKidWind Wind Turbine Hub$9
KW-WTH10KidWind Wind Turbine Hub (10 Pack)$79
KWIRE-TCAType-K Thermocouple Wire$15
L10B-OEKReplacement 10 cm Converging Lens for Optics Expansion Kit$24
L15B-OEKReplacement 15 cm Diverging Lens for Optics Expansion Kit$24
L20B-OEKReplacement 20 cm Converging Lens for Optics Expansion Kit$24
LABPROVernier LabPro$300
LABQ-INTLLabQuest (with international power supply)$414
LABQ2LabQuest 2$448
LABQ2-INTLLabQuest 2 (INTL)$455
LABQ2-NPLabQuest 2 without Power Supply (INTL)$442
LASERLaser Pointer$25
LC-MATH-DXTI-Nspire Math Deluxe Package$815
LC-MATH-DX5TI-Nspire Math Deluxe Bundle$4,071
LC-MATH-STTI-Nspire Math Starter Package$516
LC-MATH-ST5TI-Nspire Math Starter Bundle$2,578
LC-SCI-DXTI-Nspire Lab Cradle Deluxe Package$2,123
LC-SCI-DX5TI-Nspire Lab Cradle Deluxe Bundle – 5 stations$10,613
LC-SCI-STTI-Nspire Lab Cradle Starter Package$1,144
LC-SCI-ST5TI-Nspire Lab Cradle Starter Bundle – 5 stations$5,716
LGA-BTALow-g Accelerometer$122
LM-AB-OSVLabQuest Mini Advanced Biology SpectroVis ODO Package$2,502
LM-AB-STLabQuest Mini Advanced Biology Starter Package$783
LM-AB-SVLabQuest Mini Advanced Biology Deluxe Package with SpectroVis Plus$2,240
LM-ABIO-DXLabQuest Mini Advanced Biology Deluxe Package with Colorimeter$1,749
LM-ACSV-DXLabQuest Mini Advanced Chemistry Deluxe Package with SpectroVis Plus$1,527
LM-ACSV-STLabQuest Mini Advanced Chemistry Starter Package with SpectroVis Plus$1,346
LM-AG-DXLabQuest Mini Agricultural Science Deluxe Package$1,768
LM-AG-ODXLabQuest Mini Agricultural Science Optical DO Package$2,031
LM-AG-STLabQuest Mini Agricultural Science Starter Package$812
LM-BINQ-DXLabQuest Mini Inquiry Biology Deluxe Package$2,190
LM-BINQ-ODXLabQuest Mini Inquiry Biology Deluxe ODO Package$2,452
LM-BINQ-STLabQuest Mini Inquiry Biology Starter Package$982
LM-BIO-DXLabQuest Mini Biology Deluxe Package$2,013
LM-BIO-ODXLabQuest Mini Biology Deluxe ODO Package$2,275
LM-BIO-STLabQuest Mini Biology Starter Package$824
LM-CH-DXLabQuest Mini Chemistry Deluxe Package$890
LM-CH-STLabQuest Mini Chemistry Starter Package$496
LM-CHA-STLabQuest Mini Advanced Chemistry Starter Package$854
LM-CHMA-DXLabQuest Mini Advanced Chemistry Deluxe Package$1,035
LM-CMI-DXLabQuest Mini Inquiry Chemistry Colorimeter Package$940
LM-CMI-STLabQuest Mini Inquiry Chemistry Starter Package$445
LM-CMI-SVLabQuest Mini Inquiry Chemistry SpectroVis Package$1,431
LM-EELabQuest Mini Intro to LabVIEW Package$288
LM-EP-DXLabQuest Mini Engineering Projects Deluxe Package$1,224
LM-EP-STLabQuest Mini Engineering Projects Starter Package$698
LM-ES-DXLabQuest Mini Earth Science Deluxe Package$1,114
LM-ES-STLabQuest Mini Earth Science Starter Package$586
LM-HP-DXLabQuest Mini Human Physiology Deluxe Package$1,518
LM-HP-STLabQuest Mini Physiology Starter Package$872
LM-MS-DXLabQuest Mini Middle School Science Deluxe Package$1,188
LM-MS-STLabQuest Mini Middle School Science Starter Package$572
LM-PHY-DXLabQuest Mini Physics Deluxe Package$1,196
LM-PHY-STLabQuest Mini Physics Starter Package$562
LM-PS-DXLabQuest Mini Physical Science Deluxe Package$1,026
LM-PS-STLabQuest Mini Physical Science Starter Package$646
LM-SCI-DXLabQuest Mini Science Department Deluxe Package$2,054
LM-SCI-ODXLabQuest Mini Science Department Optical DO Package$2,317
LPLogger Pro 3$312
LP-ELogger Pro 3 (Download)$312
LP-ST5Logger Pro 3 Student CD 5 Pack$14
LPL-DAKCombination Linear Position and High Sensitivity Light Sensor$544
LQ-BATLabQuest Replacement Battery$21
LQ-BOOST2LabQuest Battery Boost 2$149
LQ-CB-USBLabQuest USB Computer Cable$7
LQ-CRGLabQuest Charging Station$149
LQ-CRG-INSTLabQuest Charging Station Insert (Set of 4)$11
LQ-LANVernier Lanyard$7
LQ-MINILabQuest Mini$203
LQ-PSLabQuest Power Supply$11
LQ-PS-INTLLabQuest International Power Supply$16
LQ-SD4LabQuest 4GB SD Card$17
LQ-STNLabQuest Stand$17
LQ-STYL-5LabQuest Stylus (5 pack)$4
LQ-TETH-5LabQuest Stylus Tethers (Set of 5)$4
LQ-VIEWLabQuest Viewer$108
LQ-VIEW-ELabQuest Viewer (Download)$108
LQ2-AB-OSVLabQuest 2 Advanced Biology SpectroVis ODO Package$2,747
LQ2-AB-STLabQuest 2 Advanced Biology Starter Package$1,028
LQ2-AB-SVLabQuest 2 Advanced Biology SpectroVis Plus Package$2,485
LQ2-ABIO-DXLabQuest 2 Advanced Biology Colorimeter Package$1,993
LQ2-ACSV-STLabQuest 2 Advanced Chemistry SpectroVis Plus Starter Package$1,590
LQ2-AG-DLXLabQuest 2 Agricultural Science Deluxe Package$2,013
LQ2-AG-ODXLabQuest 2 Agricultural Science Optical DO Package$2,275
LQ2-AG-STLabQuest 2 Agricultural Science Starter Package$1,057
LQ2-ARMORLabQuest 2 Lab Armor$21
LQ2-BATLabQuest 2 Battery$26
LQ2-BINQ-DXLabQuest 2 Inquiry Biology Deluxe Package$2,434
LQ2-BINQ-ODXLabQuest 2 Inquiry Biology Deluxe ODO Package$2,697
LQ2-BINQ-STLabQuest 2 Inquiry Biology Starter Package$1,227
LQ2-BIO-DLXLabQuest 2 Biology Deluxe Package$2,257
LQ2-BIO-ODXLabQuest 2 Biology Deluxe ODO Package$2,520
LQ2-BIO-STLabQuest 2 Biology Starter Package$1,069
LQ2-CH-DXLabQuest 2 Chemistry Deluxe Package$1,135
LQ2-CH-STLabQuest 2 Chemistry Starter Package$741
LQ2-CHA-STLabQuest 2 Advanced Chemistry Starter Package$1,099
LQ2-CHMA-DLXLabQuest 2 Advanced Chemistry Colorimeter Package$1,280
LQ2-CHMA-SVLabQuest 2 Advanced Chemistry SpectroVis Plus Package$1,771
LQ2-CMI-DXLabQuest 2 Inquiry Chemistry Colorimeter Package$1,185
LQ2-CMI-STLabQuest 2 Inquiry Chemistry Starter Package$690
LQ2-CMI-SVLabQuest 2 Inquiry Chemistry SpectroVis Plus Package$1,676
LQ2-CRGLabQuest 2 4-Unit Charging Station$149
LQ2-CRG-EUROLabQuest 2 Charging Station (European Power Supply)$156
LQ2-CRG-INSTLabQuest 2 Charging Station Insert (Set of 4)$11
LQ2-CVR-DIGLabQuest 2 Digital Ports Cover (Set of 4)$7
LQ2-CVR-SDLabQuest 2 SD Cart Slot and Audio Ports Cover (Set of 4)$7
LQ2-EELabQuest 2 Intro to NI LabVIEW Package$533
LQ2-EL-DXLabQuest 2 Elementary Deluxe Package$995
LQ2-EL-STLabQuest 2 Elementary Starter Package$609
LQ2-ENV-DXLabQuest 2 Environmental Science Deluxe Package$1,944
LQ2-ENV-STLabQuest 2 Environmental Science Starter Package$1,253
LQ2-EP-DXLabQuest 2 Engineering Projects Deluxe Package$1,469
LQ2-EP-STLabQuest 2 Engineering Projects Starter Package$942
LQ2-ES-DXLabQuest 2 Earth Science Deluxe Package$1,359
LQ2-ES-STLabQuest 2 Earth Science Starter Package$831
LQ2-EV-ODXLabQuest 2 Environmental Deluxe ODO Package$2,207
LQ2-EV-OSTLabQuest 2 Environmental Starter ODO Package$1,516
LQ2-HP-DLXLabQuest 2 Physiology Deluxe Package$1,763
LQ2-HP-STLabQuest 2 Physiology Starter Package$1,116
LQ2-MS-DXLabQuest 2 Middle School Science Deluxe Package$1,433
LQ2-MS-STLabQuest 2 Middle School Science Starter Package$817
LQ2-PHY-DXLabQuest 2 Physics Deluxe Package$1,441
LQ2-PHY-STLabQuest 2 Physics Starter Package$806
LQ2-PS-DXLabQuest 2 Physical Science Deluxe Package$1,271
LQ2-PS-STLabQuest 2 Physical Science Starter Package$891
LQ2-SCI-DXLabQuest 2 Science Department Deluxe Package$2,299
LQ2-SCI-ODXLabQuest 2 Science Department Optical DO Package$2,562
LQ2-STNLabQuest 2 Stand$7
LQ2-STYL-5LabQuest 2 Stylus (Set of 5)$7
LQ2-WQ-DXLabQuest 2 Water Quality Deluxe Package$2,359
LQ2-WQ-ODXLabQuest 2 Water Quality Deluxe ODO Package$2,622
LQ2-WQ-OSTLabQuest 2 Water Quality Starter ODO Package$1,387
LQ2-WQ-STRLabQuest 2 Water Quality Starter Package$1,124
LS-BTALight Sensor$75
LSB-OEKReplacement Light Source for Optics Expansion Kit$105
LSHB-OEKReplacement Light Sensor Holder for Optics Expansion Kit$24
LWVHands-On Introduction to NI LabVIEW with Vernier$34
M-OEKMirror Set for Optics Expansion Kit$81
MASSMass for Dynamics Cart$17
MATH-C2-DXCBL 2 Math Deluxe Package$779
MATH-C2-STRCBL 2 Math Starter Package$481
MATH-DXLabPro Math Deluxe Package$865
MATH-EZ-DXEasyLink Math Deluxe Package$676
MATH-EZ-STREasyLink Math Starter Package$427
MATH-STRLabPro Math Starter Package$566
MD-BTDMotion Detector$108
MD-CLAMPMotion Detector Clamp$10
MD-ULIULI Motion Detector$108
MDB-VDSMotion Detector Bracket$15
MDC-BTDDigital Sensor Cable$6
MEC-BTDMotion Encoder Cart Receiver$75
MEC-VDSMotion Encoder Cart and Receiver$271
MECTMotion Encoder Cart Transmitter$131
MEMMembrane for DO Sensor$19
METS-LONGMotion Encoder Long Track Strip$10
MEU-VDSMotion Encoder Cart Upgrade Kit$198
MG-BTAMagnetic Field Sensor$79
MINI-USBEasy to Go Adapter$14
MK-RMVRotary Motion Motor Kit$16
MLT-BTAMelt Station$638
MLT-BTA-INTLMelt Station (INTL)$645
MLT-TUBEMelt Station Capillary Tubes$21
MSS-GO-DXGo! Middle School Deluxe Package$1,133
MSS-GO-STRGo! Middle School Starter Package$517
MSVMiddle School Science with Vernier$66
NH4-BTAAmmonium Ion-Selective Electrode$229
NH4-HSTStandard High NH4 ISE Solution$22
NH4-LSTStandard Low NH4 ISE Solution$22
NH4-MODAmmonium Replacement Module$86
NO3-BTANitrate Ion-Selective Electrode$229
NO3-HSTStandard High NO3 ISE Solution$22
NO3-LSTStandard Low NO3 ISE Solution$22
NO3-MODNitrate Replacement Module$86
NODE-IANODE Sensor Platform for iOS and Android$198
NODE-IOSNODE Sensor Platform for iOS$132
NRVNuclear Radiation with Vernier$34
NXT-EVNXT Environmental Science Package$658
NXT-PSNXT Physical Science Package$436
O2-BTAO2 Gas Sensor$240
O2-SPRO2 Gas Sensor to Spirometer Adapter$11
ODO-BTAVernier Optical DO Probe$530
ODO-CAPOptical DO Probe Replacement Cap$67
ODO-GRDOptical DO Probe Metal Guard$62
OEKOptics Expansion Kit$230
OEK-INTLOptics Expansion Kit (INTL)$237
OHSP-123Scout Pro 0.001 g Balance (120 g)$610
OHSP-202Scout Pro 0.01 g Balance (200 g)$465
OHSP-402Scout Pro 0.01 g Balance (400 g)$624
OHSP-USBScout Pro USB Connection Kit$149
ORP-BTAORP Sensor$101
OT-RRSReplacement Non-Brass Rods$36
PAAS-PAMPPower Amplifier Accessory Speaker$135
PAD-VDSFriction Pad$41
PAK-OEKPolarizer/Analyzer for Optics Expansion Kit$101
PAMPPower Amplifier$271
PAMP-EUROPower Amplifier (European Power Supply)$282
PAR-BTAPAR Sensor$258
PCA-DFSAdapter for Pasco Cart$6
PFPicket Fence$10
PF-CARTCart Picket Fence$9
PG-BTDBT Photogate Cable$6
PG-DGPhotogate to 1/4$6
PGB-VDSPhotogate Bracket$7
PH-BTApH Sensor$101
PH-SSpH Storage Solution$22
PHBpH Buffer Capsules$17
PHY-DXLabPro Physics Deluxe Package$1,240
PHY-STRLabPro Physics Starter Package$605
PHYS-ABMAdvanced Physics with Vernier - Beyond Mechanics$66
PHYS-AMAdvanced Physics with Vernier - Mechanics$66
PPKPrimary Productivity Kit$60
PSDO Polishing Strips$6
PS-2WAYPlastic 2-Way Valve$3
PS-3WAYValve for Old Pressure Sensor$3
PS-ACCGas Pressure Sensor Replacement Parts$14
PS-LUERLuer-Lock Connector$2
PS-STEMStopper Stem$2
PS-STOP1#1 1-hole Rubber Stopper$2
PS-STOP5#5 2-hole Rubber Stopper$3
PS-SYRPlastic Syringe$2
PS-TUBINGPlastic Tubing$2
PS-VPLProjectile Stop$55
PSLP-INTInternational Power Supply for LabPro, WDSS, and DCU$18
PSVPhysical Science with Vernier$66
PTCPlastic Tubing Clamps (Pack of 100)$44
PUMP-VPLHand Air Pump$54
PVAPhysics with Video Analysis$66
PWVPhysics with Vernier$66
RAD-BTDBT Radiation Cable$6
RC-VDSRod Clamp$10
RCD-BTDCable for Digital Radiation Monitor$14
RDL-DAKRed Diffraction Laser$164
RH-BTARelative Humidity Sensor$94
RMBRespiration Monitor Belt$81
RMV-BTDRotary Motion Sensor$216
ROT-BTDRotary Motion Adapter$6
RRSResistivity Rod Set$62
RWVReal-World Math with Vernier$66
SAL-BTASalinity Sensor$118
SAL-STSalinity Standard$22
SCRN-OEKReplacement Screen for Optics Expansion Kit$24
SD-EESensorDAQ Intro to LabVIEW Package$359
SD-EP-DXSensorDAQ Engineering Projects Deluxe Package$1,593
SD-EP-STSensorDAQ Engineering Projects Starter Package$768
SLM-BTASound Level Meter$225
SLMCB-BTACable for Sound Level Meter$6
SMS-BTASoil Moisture Sensor$130
SPAUltra Pulley Attachment$33
SPC-BTASpec Cable for LabPro/CBL$37
SPR-FILDisposable Bacterial Filter (pkg of 10)$41
SPR-FLOWSpirometer Flow Head$82
SPR-MPDisposable Mouthpiece (pkg of 30)$14
SPR-NOSENoseclip (pkg of 10)$14
SPRINGSSprings Set$22
SPRT-UV-VISRed Tide UV-VIS Spectrometer$5,238
ST-AIRSpectrum Tube (Air)$51
ST-ARSpectrum Tube (Argon)$51
ST-CARSpectrum Tube Carousel Power Supply$398
ST-CAR-INTLSpectrum Tube Carousel (INTL)$411
ST-CO2Spectrum Tube (Carbon Dioxide)$51
ST-FHCReplacement Fiber Optic Holder for Spectrum Tube Carousel Power Supply$17
ST-FHSReplacement Fiber Optic Holder for Single Power Supply$17
ST-HSpectrum Tube (Hydrogen)$51
ST-HESpectrum Tube (Helium)$51
ST-NSpectrum Tube (Nitrogen)$51
ST-NESpectrum Tube (Neon)$51
ST-SPSSpectrum Tube Single Power Supply$312
ST-SPS-INTLSpectrum Tube Single (INTL)$326
STANDLaser Pointer Stand$18
STB-VPLSteel Balls (Set of 6)$10
STIRStir Station$176
STIR-INTLStir Station (INTL)$183
STS-BTASurface Temperature Sensor$30
SVIS-FIBERSpectroVis Optical Fiber$94
SVIS-PLSpectroVis Plus$638
SYBR-05XSYBR Safe DNA Gel Stain in 0.5X TBE (1 L)$167
T2T-VDSTrack-to-Track Coupler$41
TAPEBar Tape$8
TAPE-GUIDEPhotogate Bar Tape Guide$17
TAPE-VPGPhotogate Bar Tape Kit$24
TI-84CTI-84 Plus C Silver Edition$209
TI-84C-CSTI-84 Plus C Charging Station$109
TI-84C-TPKTI-84 Plus C Teacher Pack$2,196
TI-84PLTI-84 Plus$176
TI-84SPOTTPTI-84 EZ Spot Teacher Pack$1,760
TI-CLCCalculator Link Cable$6
TI-GMUSBGo! Motion to Calculator Mini-USB port$10
TI-KSCTI-Kickstand Slide Cover$14
TI-NSCXTI-Nspire CX Handheld$221
TI-NSCX-TBTI-Nspire CX Teacher Bundle – Handheld plus Teacher Software$332
TI-NSCX-TPKTI-Nspire CX School Pack$2,405
TI-NSCXCASTI-Nspire CX CAS Handheld$226
TI-NSCXCAS-TBTI-Nspire CX CAS Teacher Bundle – CAS Handheld plus Teacher Software$337
TI-NSCXCAS-TPKTI-Nspire CX CAS School Pack$2,452
TI-NSLABCTI-Nspire Lab Cradle$234
TI-NSLABC-5TI-Nspire Lab Cradle Bundle$1,169
TI-SLCShort Calculator Link Cable$6
TI-SVTI SmartView Software$221
TILT-BTATI Light Probe$18
TMP-BTAStainless Steel Temperature Probe$36
TOF-VPLTime of Flight Pad$105
TPLExtra Long Replacement Temp Probe$55
TPL-BTAExtra Long Temperature Probe$108
TRACKCombination 1.2 m Track/Optics Bench$162
TRACK-LONGCombination 2.2 m Track/Optics Bench$312
TRB-ACCTurbidity Accessories Replacement Kit$51
TRB-BOTTurbidity Bottles (6 bottles)$37
TRB-BTATurbidity Sensor$153
TSTH-LPTools for Scientific Thinking - Heat and Temp$54
TSTM-LPTools for Scientific Thinking - Motion and Force$54
UGAUpgrade to Graphical Analysis 3$55
ULI-MDCCable Motion Detector to ULI$6
ULPUpgrade to Logger Pro 3$204
USB-MINIGo to Easy Adapter$7
UV-VIS400 µm diameter UV-VIS optical fiber$216
UVA-BTAUVA Sensor$136
UVB-BTAUVB Sensor$137
V-SPECVernier Spectrometer$2,022
VCBVernier Circuit Board$122
VDC-BTDDrop Counter$127
VDC-RRReagent Reservoir, 2 Valves, and Tip$15
VDSVernier Dynamics System$380
VDS-ECVernier Motion Encoder System$577
VDS-EC-LONGVernier Motion Encoder System with Long Track$958
VDS-LONGVernier Dynamics System with Long Track$543
VES-BTAVernier Energy Sensor$94
VES-RBVernier Resistor Board$25
VES-VLVernier Variable Load$67
VGPSVernier GPS Sensor$88
VMC-VDSHook-and-Pile/Magnetic End Caps$7
VP-BTAVoltage Probe$16
VPLVernier Projectile Launcher$407
VRM-BTDVernier Radiation Monitor$230
VSP-EMVernier Emissions Spectrometer$1,087
VSP-EM-FIBERVernier Optical Fiber$120
VSP-UVVernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer$2,719
VSP-UV-EUROVernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (European Power Supply)$2,723
VSP-UV-FIBERVernier UV-VIS Spectrometer Optical Fiber$108
WDSWater Depth Sampler$103
WDSSWireless Dynamics Sensor System$339
WDSS-ACCWDSS Accessories$24
WDSS-BATWDSS Rechargeable Battery$25
WDSS-INTLWireless Dynamics Sensor System (INTL)$346
WHEELS-VDSVernier Dynamics System Axles and Wheels for Cart$21
WIFI-USBVernier Wi-Fi USB Adapter$81
WQ-BOTWater Quality Bottles (8 bottles)$39
WQVWater Quality with Vernier$66
WRT-BTAWide-Range Temperature Probe$108
WU-PROWatts Up Pro$198
WXT-VPLWax Tape (300 feet)$25
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