LabQuest 2 Connected Science System

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Use the Connected Science System collection of products to wirelessly view, collect, analyze, and share experimental data.

Students analyzing temperature data on ipads

Wireless Data Collection, Analysis, and Sharing

Students can wirelessly collect and analyze sensor data on mobile devices, making every lab a collaborative and individual learning experience.

Wireless Data Sharing
a teacher pointing to a LabQuest screen on an overhead projector

Wireless LabQuest Screen Sharing

LabQuest Viewer software allows you to view and control LabQuest wirelessly from your Windows or Mac computer. When used with a projector, you can display any LabQuest screen for the entire class.

LabQuest Viewer

Connected Science System Support

See step-by-step tutorials, guides, videos, and troubleshooting tips for the Connected Science System. Connected Science System Support

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