We have three wired accelerometers and one wireless accelerometer, designed for different uses. These devices can be mounted on objects to study motion. The wired accelerometers have a flexible, 2-meter cable.

Compare Accelerometers

Accelerometer Connection Type Number of Axes Range Accuracy Price
Low-g Accelerometer Wired 1 ±50 m/s2 (±5 g) ±0.5 m/s2 (±0.05 g) $89
3-Axis Accelerometer Wired 3 ±49 m/s2 (±5 g) ±0.5 m/s2 (±0.05 g) $99
25-g Accelerometer Wired 1 245 m/s2 (±25 g) ±2.45 m/s2 (±0.25 g) $92
Wireless Dynamics Sensor System Wireless (Bluetooth) 3 ±59 m/s2 (±6 g) ±0.5 m/s2 (±0.05 g) $249

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