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Drop Counter Troubleshooting and FAQs

Drop Counter, order code VDC-BTD, $99
Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: If your Drop Counter is not counting drops, check the alignment of the sensor beneath the tip of the reservoir or buret. Adjust the Reagent Reservoir so that the drop passes closer to the center of the slot.
-Secondary Test: The Drop Counter works best when the drops fall at a rate of 2 seconds per drop or slower.

-If you cannot get it to count drops, try using a narrow pencil or stylus to break the beam and see if this registers in the software.
-Try a different cord that connects the drop counter to the interface, sometimes this cord can go bad. This is also the same cord as the motion detector Digital Sensor Cable, order code MDC-BTD, $5

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-order code: VDC-BTD
-Detector Rise Time: less than 70 ns
-Detector Fall Time: less than 70 ns
-Power Requirements: 55 mA at 5 VDC
-Infrared Source: peak at 890 nm

-Calibrate? Not always. The sensor is set to use a default calibration of 28 drops/mL.
-You may manually enter a drops/mL ratio that was done from a previous calibration.
-If you choose to calibrate the sensor, you will conduct an automatic drops/mL calibration. Refer to the sensor booklet, "To Calibrate Drop Volume" for detailed instructions.

Microstirrer, order code MSTIR, $9
Reagent Reservoir, 2 Valves, and Tip, order code VDC-RR, $10
Replacement cable: Digital Sensor Cable, order code MDC-BTD, $5

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