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Magnetic Field Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

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  • Created May 7, 2005
  • Updated May 12, 2009
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Magnetic Field Sensor, order code MG-BTA, $58
Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: Confirm that the setting on the sensor box is appropriate for the experiment.The low amplification is used to measure relatively strong magnetic fields around permanent magnets and electromagnets. The high amplification is used to measure the magnetic field of the Earth and very weak fields. It is 20 times more sensitive than the low amplification.
-Secondary Test: If the high amplification is used for magnets, make sure that the sensor remains in one position so that the reading is not affected by the background field of the Earth.

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TIL 647: What do I need to do in order to measure the magnetic field around appliances?
TIL 1574: What is the accuracy of the Magnetic Field Sensor?

-new order code: MG-BTA
-old order code: MG-DIN
-No other specifications are given for this sensor in the sensor booklet.

-Calibrate? No. The sensor is set to the stored calibration before shipping.
-It is not practical to calibrate the Magnetic Field Sensor without reference to a known source of magnetic field. It is useful, however, to zero the Magnetic Field Sensor. Position the sensor, and zero it using your data-collection software. Now, move the magnetic field source, and not the sensor, to explore the spatial variations of the field.


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