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Voltage Probe Troubleshooting and FAQs

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  • Created May 7, 2005
  • Updated May 21, 2013
  • Article #1425

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Voltage Probe, order code VP-BTA, $12
Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: Connect the red and black leads properly and securely, according to the experimental setup.

-Secondary Test: If you suspect that the readings are not correct, make sure you have zeroed the probe correctly. To do this, Connect the read and black clips together. Zero the probe in the software. The reading should go to zero. If it does not, the wires may be damaged.

-TIL 2388: Why are my voltage readings inaccurate when I measure half cells or batteries?
-TIL 1026: The readings from my Current and/or Voltage Probe are erratic, but if I measure the voltage with a multimeter instead, I get a solid reading. What is wrong with my sensor?
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-TIL 1076: What is the difference between a Differential Voltage Probe (DVP-BTA) and the simple Voltage Probe (VP-BTA)?
-TIL 1224: What is the input impedance of a LabPro voltage probe?
-TIL 1351: What is the overvoltage protection on the Differential Voltage Probe and Current Probe?
-TIL 2031: Is it possible to use the Voltage Probe (VP-BTA) when doing an Ohm's Law experiment, or is the Differential Voltage Probe (DVP-BTA) required?
-TIL 2017: An experiment using the current sensor of the power amplifier (PAMP) gives unexpected results
-TIL 1798: Why does the 10 V voltage probe not read zero when the clips are disconnected?
-TIL 1230: What is the accuracy of a DVP-BTA voltage probe?
-TIL 1216: Why does CH4 on LabPro read a different voltage from the others?

Public List of TIL Entries for VP-BTA

Input voltage range: +- 10 V

No calibration necessary. However, the probe will need to be zeroed.

-Differential Voltage Probe, order code DVP-BTA, $39

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