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Electrode Amplifier Troubleshooting and FAQs

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  • Created May 7, 2005
  • Updated Nov 2, 2010
  • Article #1430

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Electrode Amplifier, order code EA-BTA, $40
Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: Connect an ORP sensor or a pH sensor to the Electrode Amp and connect the Electrode Amp to a LabPro. Start the data-collection program. Place the ORP or pH sensor in a buffer solution of known pH and confirm that the readings are within range.
-Secondary Test: Confirm that the BNC connection is secure.

TIL 2291: Can I use my third-party ISE with my Vernier equipment?

-new order code: EA-BTA
-old order code: none
-Power = 7 mA @ 5VDC
-Input range = –450mV to +1100 mV
-Impedance > 100M Ohm
-Gain: 2.2 V/V
-Offset: 1.20 V (nominal)

-Calibrate? Normally, yes. However, it depends on the sensor that is connected. The Electrode Amplifier amplifies the voltage produced by an electrode into a range where it can be monitored by the lab interface.
The Electrode Amplifier will report values in units of millivolts. If a pH electrode is attached, however, you can choose to read in units of pH. Custom, linear 2-point calibrations can also be performed if desired.
-You can open an experiment file in LoggerPro which will use the stored calibration in the software.

-ORP Sensor, order code ORP-BTA, $79
-BNC pH Electrode, order code 7120B, \Contact Us
-pH Sensor, order code PH-BTA, $79

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