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Hand Dynamometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

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  • Created May 7, 2005
  • Updated May 22, 2013
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Hand Dynamometer, order code HD-BTA, $99
Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: Confirm that the sensor was properly zeroed. If the sensor does not read zero in the orientation in which you are using it, follow the standard zeroing procedure for the data-collection program you are using.
-Secondary Test: Confirm that you are using Logger Pro 3.3 or newer or Logger Lite 1.3 or newer.

-TIL 1403: What are the software requirements for the physiology sensors?
-TIL 2980: Hand Dynamometer rubber grips came off.

-new order code: HD-BTA
-old order colde: none
-Accuracy : ±0.6 N
-Resolution, 10-bit (CBL 2): 20.148 N
-Resolution, 12-bit (LabPro, Go! Link): 0.2141 N
Power: 7 mA @ 5VDC
Safety Range (Maximum Force without damage done to sensor): 0 to 850 N
Operational Range: 0 to 600 N

-Calibrate? No. The sensor is set to the stored calibration before shipping.
-No calibration process is given in the sensor booklet.


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