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Will LabQuest work with the Wireless Dynamics Sensor System?

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  • Created Mar 7, 2008
  • Updated Jun 7, 2014
  • Article #1771

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A Wireless Dynamics Sensor System (WDSS) can be use with LabQuest 2 using its built in Bluetooth radio. A WDSS can be used with an original LabQuest running LabQuest software version 1.5 or higher, using a Vernier-approved USB Bluetooth radio (Bluetooth USB Adapter, order code BLUE-USB, $35, sold separately).

1) LabQuest can only collect data from one WDSS at a time.
2) LabQuest software cannot be used to set up a WDSS for use remotely (such as to collect amusement park ride data)
3) LabQuest cannot import data that has been stored in WDSS internal memory.
4) LabQuest cannot store custom calibrations on a WDSS.

In order to use these features with a WDSS, you must use Logger Pro.

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