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LabQuest won't connect to Logger Pro.

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  • Created Mar 7, 2008
  • Updated May 1, 2015
  • Article #1785

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A few things to check:

1. Make sure you have Logger Pro 3.6 or Logger Lite 1.4 (Original LabQuest), or Logger Pro 3.8.5 or Logger Lite 1.6 (LabQuest 2) or newer installed using our installer. If you have an older version of the software, the updater is a free download from our web site at:

2. Is your LabQuest 2 set to "Viewer over USB" mode? Press Home, and then selection "Connections" and "LabQuest Viewer" and make sure the checkbox for "Enable Viewer over USB" isn't checked.

3. Reboot your LabQuest and try connecting again. See TIL 1777: How do I reboot or reset a LabQuest?.

4. If the Original LabQuest Internal Temp Probe is active (displayed on meter screen), the LabQuest will not connect correctly via USB to Logger Pro. This is a known problem in versions 1.0 and 1.1. This problem has been fixed in LabQuest App version 1.2 and newer, which is a free download at:

5. Windows 2000 has connection problems with LabQuest and is not supported. There is no known workaround for using LabQuest with Windows 2000.

6. Keep in mind a few standard USB troubleshooting steps:
     a.Try connecting to a different LabQuest or a different computer.
     b.Try a different USB port on the same computer.
     c.Are you getting feedback on Taskbar that a USB device (LabQuest) is being connected when you connect the USB? If there's no bubble in the lower right part of the screen on connecting to a fresh USB port, it is likely that the LabQuest drivers are not installed, or are being blocked by your school's IT policies. Log in as the user named "administrator" and reinstall Logger Pro, and then connect a known good LabQuest. Watch for the connection alerts.

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