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Why are some of my LabQuests not able to print to the same printer?

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  • Created Sep 29, 2010
  • Updated Nov 19, 2010
  • Article #2269

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Original LabQuest
This information pertains to the original LabQuest.
If you have LabQuest 2, see LabQuest 2 FAQs and Troubleshooting

Some LabQuests have an incomplete print driver cache. We have a patch that fixes the problem.

Before following these instructions, your LabQuest version must be 1.4 or newer - if you need to update or are unsure of your version number, see the update instructions at:

Once you have verified that LabQuest App is version 1.4 or newer, follow these instructions to apply the patch:

1. Download the printer update file here:
2. Copy the downloaded file to a new or freshly-formatted USB flash drive.
3. Plug the USB flash drive into the LabQuest.
4. After about 10 seconds, a message about installing the fix appears for a minute and is replaced by a message informing you of success.
6. The update is finished - Tap OK - you may remove the USB thumb drive.
7. Connect a printer to the LabQuest.
8. Wait for about 20 seconds for the printer driver to be loaded (you only need to wait the first time you connect to this printer.)
9. Try printing - be sure that you select the right printer at the top of the Print Options page.

If you are still getting error messages while trying to print, please call Vernier Technical Support at 888-837-6437.

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