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How can I provide power for my interface when used in the field for long-term data collection?

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  • Created Jun 27, 2000
  • Updated May 5, 2011
  • Article #685

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Our interfaces are designed to conserve battery life whenever possible. Some sensors, such as Dissolved Oxygen, require a warm-up period and therefore use more battery life.

If you are using a LabQuest 2, order code LABQ2, $329 or Original LabQuest, order code LABQ, $299, you can use the LabQuest Battery Boost 2, order code LQ-BOOST2, $109.

If you are using a Vernier LabPro, order code LABPRO, $220, or a CBL 2, order code CBL2, $166, in the field, you can get the maximum battery life by using the External Battery Cable, order code EBC, \Contact Us to connect it to a 6-Volt lantern battery.

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