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Independent Workshops

Learn from educators using Vernier technology.

Below is our list of independent workshops utilizing Vernier technology. If you plan on having a workshop featuring Vernier equipment, please let us know and we will advertise it here.

REcharge Academy Workshop

Become A REcharge Instructor!

Training Overview

The REcharge Academy is a week-long educator training workshop about renewable energy. The intensive training blends replicable hands-on K-12 lessons, lectures from experts, and tours of energy facilities. A REcharge Academy combines materials from REcharge Labs, WindWise Curricula, KidWind, and Vernier, as well as other materials we find applicable and useful in the classroom. After successfully completing an Academy, all attendees become REcharge Instructors, and are certified to teach REcharge programming in their own areas!

What Can A REcharge Instructor Do?

REcharge Instructors are an integral part of the REcharge and KidWind training and outreach. They:

  • Provide wind and solar energy teacher trainings in their state or region
  • Receive REcharge/KidWind products at reduced prices
  • Participate in the development of new REcharge/KidWind curriculum and materials
  • Facilitate KidWind Challenges or similar events in their state
  • Represent REcharge, WindWise, and KidWind at conferences and events
  • Receive a stipend for their workshops and events held in their state


The cost for teachers to attend the training is $1250. The fee does not cover travel to and from the training location in Pittsburgh, PA.

Fees cover

  • 5 Days of Training
  • Lunch each day of the training
  • Full set of REcharge, KidWind, WindWise materials ($250+ value!)


There is a registration page for all attendees. Interested teachers can apply now. Applications will be accepted until June 6. This year, REcharge Labs is offering several scholarships to multiple educators. These scholarships cover full or partial tuition fees.




Michael Arquin
KidWind Project
800 Transfer Rd. Suite 30B
Saint Paul, MN 55114
P: 877-917-0079
F: 208-485-9419

Modeling Workshops for Summer 2016

Modeling Instruction was developed under the leadership of Dr. David Hestenes when a high school teacher realized that his students, after successfully passing his physics class, had no genuine and deep understanding of the concepts. In the traditional physics classroom, the students are exposed to many formulas and theories and will practice solving problems. In the Modeling classroom, students will do experiments and analyze the collected data to find relationships which will be presented in graphical, mathematical and pictorial representations. The students will ‘discover’ the relations themselves and will have a deeper understanding of the concepts taught.

Modeling Instruction was developed for high school physics teachers and has since expanded to physical science, chemistry, biology, and middle school. Each year, Modeling workshops are held at universities and high schools across the United States. Last year, more than 60 Modeling workshops were offered to high school and middle school teachers in more than 20 states.



Wendy Hehemann
Modeling Workshop and Outreach Coordinator
American Modeling Teachers Association

STEMteachersNYC Summer 2016 Workshops

Our workshops are the foundation of a growing professional learning community of more than 500 teachers. We are dedicated to creating quality professional development opportunities in the New York City area for STEM teachers. We welcome and encourage teacher attendees from across the globe, the U.S., and the local New York City area. Modeling Instruction is at the root of STEMteachersNYC; the teaching methodology known as Modeling Instruction is closely related to NGSS. It engages students in experimentation, data collection, and analysis through a set of structured “paradigm” experiments, asks them to represent their understanding using whiteboards, and then deploys the resulting model in analyzing related phenomena. When the models fail to explain what students are seeing, the cycle of experimentation, data collection, and model making begins again.

We have nine excellent workshops to choose from this summer, including Modeling Instruction in Middle School Science, Chemistry I, Chemistry II, and Mechanics.



Erin Conrardy
Program Manager

Active Learning Short Course

Active Learning in Introductory Physics Courses: Research-Based Strategies that Improve Student Learning

NEW: Including RealTime Physics 3rd Edition, Clicker Interactive Lecture Demonstrations and Video Analysis

July 28-30, 2016. Portland, Oregon
Presented by: David Sokoloff, Priscilla Laws, and Ronald Thornton

This hands-on course is designed for college, university and high school* teachers of physics interested in making learning in their introductory courses more active. Participants will be introduced to research-validated strategies for each component of the course: lecture, lab, problem-solving, modeling and video analysis.

Course fee is $200. 1-3 graduate credits are available from the University of Oregon for $90 per credit.



David Sokoloff
Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Phone: 541-221-6543
Fax: 541-346-5861

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