The NSTA Blog published a helpful review of LabQuest Stream. In the article, titled “The Vernier LabQuest Stream: The Absolute Hub of Discovery,” reviewer Martin Horejsi discusses the interface’s extensive list of features, connectivity options, and how the device is “truly a hub of discovery.” He concludes by saying:

“. . . let me just say that even though I have used all their interfaces since nineteen-ninety something, this is the most exciting thing since the personal computing power of the device-in-hand was harnessed (which is hugely powerful, by the way, Hugely!.)”

The LabQuest Stream is a wireless and USB sensor interface that expands data-collection possibilities in science and STEM classrooms by allowing students to collect scientific data from multiple sensors with a mobile device, Chromebook, or computer. Its five sensor ports are compatible with a wide array of Vernier standard sensors, and students can conduct a variety of multi-variable experiments and data-logging labs.

Students can use LabQuest Stream with the Vernier Graphical Analysis app, Logger Pro 3, and Logger Lite software to collect and analyze up to 10,000 samples per second using wireless functionality or up to 100,000 samples per second when using USB connectivity.

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