We have released a new version of our popular Vernier Thermal Analysis app. Vernier Thermal Analysis Plus for FLIR ONE is designed for anyone who wants to create infrared time-lapse video and temperature data sets. Without the time-lapse feature, videos are limited by device capacity to several minutes at most. With time-lapse capabilities and an external power source, you can collect thermal video data for hours.

The Plus version includes all the features of our original Thermal Analysis app, so students can also observe temperature changes on the skin, illustrate convection, track heating due to friction, analyze the transparency of materials in infrared vs. visible light, and much more.

Vernier Thermal Analysis Plus is available in the App Store.

This year, FLIR is introducing two new models of FLIR ONE: The 3rd generation FLIR ONE and the FLIR ONE Pro. Both versions of Thermal Analysis will support both new versions of the camera soon after they are released.

Using the time-lapse feature, cooling water is tracked by Thermal Analysis Plus for almost 2 hours.