Celebrate Computer Science Education Week with Vernier.

Critical 21st Century Skills

Today’s students live in a world surrounded by technology. Right now there are around 400,000 open jobs in computing, and 58% of all new STEM-related careers involve computer science. No matter what career students choose to go into, their success increasingly depends on knowing how technology and coding work.

While many teachers understand the need for students to learn these critical skills, only 45% of high schools teach computer science as part of their curriculum. We understand that many teachers lack the time to create engaging coding activities all on their own and need quality resources to help them be successful. Vernier is here to help! An hour spent interacting with our fun activity will get your students interested in coding and on the path of learning these essential skills.

Storytelling with Code Activity

Using the Scratch coding platform, students use code to tell the story of Sir Isaac Newton’s “year of wonders.” Once they’ve told Newton’s, they can use their coding skills to tell their own story.

Year of Wonders
This Scratch coding activity challenges students to use their coding skills and creativity.

You can use this coding activity on its own with your students, or extend learning using data collection with the Vernier Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor and the optional extension activity.

Get Your Students Coding in Just Three Steps

  • Download the coding activity using the link below.
  • Find the three getting started files.
    • Share the Instructions.pdf and the Student.sb3 files with your students.
    • Use the Instructor.sb3 file as a finished project that you can open in the Scratch editor to use as an example for your students.
    • If you want your students to complete the optional data-collection activity, make sure the Scratch Link extension is installed on their computers.
  • Have students open the Student.sb3 file in the Scratch editor and use the step-by-step Instructions.pdf document to create their posters.

Download the Coding Activity Here!

Keep Your Students Coding!

While the Hour of Code is a great opportunity to introduce coding to students, it is important that they continue to build upon these skills to help prepare them for careers of the future. Vernier offers a range of coding solutions and activities for continuing your students’ learning—from entry-level, block-based languages like Scratch to advanced instrument-control programming using Python® and JavaScript. With Vernier technology and an appropriate coding application, students can create code to control robots, incorporate sensor inputs, and create sensor-controlled projects.

See how Vernier solutions support coding in your classroom!