It can be challenging to teach hard-to-replicate chemistry concepts in the classroom. Some of these experiments take significant prep time, while others require materials that are difficult to obtain. The online learning environment Pivot Interactives is a great solution for these hard-to-replicate phenomena, as the experiments it showcases require no setup and allow students to use built-in measuring tools that interact with real data. Since Pivot Interactives requires no in-person element to these experiments, this is a perfect tool for educators looking for remote learning solutions. 

This powerful supplement to hands-on experimentation enables students to vary experimental parameters one at a time to view results from a set of many recordings of the same chemistry experiment. Pivot Interactives contains an extensive library of high-quality videos of experiments, which give students the opportunity to observe and study a vast array of chemistry concepts. Students form a deep understanding of these concepts by making measurements and analyzing their data directly within the Pivot Interactives online environment.

Check out our infographic below, showcasing Pivot Interactives’ top experiments in chemistry.