The Vernier Graphical Analysis Pro app is winning awards, but this is only the beginning. See what’s new in our reimagined app.

The Essential Educational Tool for an Unpredictable School Year

As remote learning became an urgent need in 2020, we reimagined our award‑winning Vernier Graphical Analysis™ app to meet the needs of today’s educators. We set out to release the Pro version of our app specifically to help our customers teach hands-on science remotely, and we’re thrilled to report educators have responded well to it. 

The Graphical Analysis Pro app, which engages students in advanced data analysis from biology, chemistry, physics, and middle school science experiments, was recently recognized by two leading education awards. The app was named a winner of the Tech & Learning Best of Show at ISTE 2020 Awards and the platinum winner in the STEM/STEAM App category of THE Journal’s 2020 New Product Awards

The Tech & Learning Best of Show at ISTE 2020 Awards recognize products that are transforming teaching and learning during the pandemic and beyond. THE Journal’s New Product Awards program was launched this year to recognize leading providers in education whose products or services are particularly noteworthy in the transformation of education technology. 

The Graphical Analysis Pro app lets educators and students easily insert, view, and sync a video to sensor data for analysis. It also features Data Sharing, which gives the ability to perform live experiments and share data over the internet in real time. With access to shared data, students can perform their own analysis and draw their own conclusions. These super-charged demonstrations really engage students who otherwise might be mere spectators. Whether learning happens remotely or in person, students can experience real experiments and think critically as they analyze and graph data.

What’s New with Graphical Analysis Pro

We’ve enhanced some of our features to make our award-winning app even better.

The app gives users access to sample experiments that each come with a video and data collected from a real experiment. This means students watch videos of experiments, then analyze the resulting data on their own. Seeing data collected right before their eyes gives students the ability to connect abstract concepts to real-world applications. In order to help serve educators better, we have recently added even more sample experiments to our already robust list.

These new experiments cover a large variety of topics in biology, chemistry, and physics. In addition, a selection of middle school experiments has been added where students will analyze data to determine the temperature of both boiling and freezing water, the absorption of radiant energy, and more.

We’re still hard at work. Upcoming features include additional analysis and graphing tools to make new investigations possible, both for remote and in-person instruction.

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