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Vernier 30th Anniversary Grant Winners

30 &mult; $10,000 logo After three decades of serving STEM education, Vernier is awarding the recipients of the 30th Anniversary Technology Grant their choice of $10,000 worth of Vernier technology.

The 30 grantees shared inspiring stories about how they will use the technology and outlined concrete plans for implementation, while demonstrating financial need. With nearly 2,000 applications in total, we were thrilled with the overall innovation, creativity and dedication to the improvement of STEM education demonstrated by all applicants.

College or University

The ten grantees at the college level represent diverse disciplines encompassed under the STEM spectrum, from mathematics to engineering to astronomy, at higher education institutions in nine different states. Saint Joseph’s College in Indiana will enhance quantitative literacy through student-developed interactive projects, the Science and Mathematics Education Center at the University of North Carolina Wilmington will provide equipment for teacher professional development, and the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville Center for STEM Research, Education and Outreach will use Vernier tools as an integral part of the center’s summer camps for youth.

High School

From physics to biology and chemistry to AP science courses, the ten selected high school grantees will use Vernier technology in a variety of STEM programs across multiple disciplines. Menominee Indian High School located on a rural Indian reservation, Manhattan Center for Science and Math, and Discovery High School, an alternative school that works closely with the Northern Oregon Regional Detention Facility, are among the high schools that will help numerous students from diverse backgrounds learn by using engaging science tools.

Elementary or Middle School

In the K-8 category, the ten grantees truly showed how Vernier’s technology would enrich the educational experience for their young students. For example, the grant will afford Gratigny Elementary, a Title I school in Miami, FL with a high ELL population, the opportunity to meet their School Improvement Plans’ science goals while helping to implement a science club, a science camp and a science center for students who have traditionally had very limited science experiences outside of the classroom. Other innovative initiatives include Olympia School District’s Career and Technical Education department’s plans to use Vernier sensors as part of their STEM Robotics course for 7th and 8th grade students and Berkley Middle School’s multi-disciplinary, inquiry-based study of local water quality in Williamsburg, VA using a variety of Vernier technology.

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