Vernier Software and Technology
Vernier Software & Technology
30th Anniversary Grant

Saint Joseph’s College

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Saint Joseph’s College, a Catholic college offering a liberal arts education, plans to use Vernier technology in its mathematics department to enhance quantitative literacy through student-developed interactive projects, shared Internet resources for K-12 and college educators, and faculty development workshops.

The workshops in particular will train interested faculty members across all disciplines how to use Vernier technology and how to incorporate it into course projects. A general focus of the department is to implement hands-on activities to connect mathematics to the real world and the Vernier grant will provide them with the technology to make this possible.

students using a motion detector with a basketball
Modeling Rebound Height of a Bouncing Ball using a Motion Detector. Left Sarah Stines, Middle Tyler Callaghan, and Right Adrienne DiRuzza (Junior).
students using a hand-grip heart monitor
Using the Heart Rate monitor. Left Marge McIlwain (Assistant Professor of Mathematics), Middle Cynthia Marie Kegley (Sophomore), Right Sarah Stines (Sophomore).
students using a hand-grip heart monitor
Modeling exponential decay with Newton’s Law of Cooling. Left – Karen Donnelly (Professor of Mathematics), Middle Taylor Stacy (Freshman), Right Cynthia Marie Kegley (Sophomore).
teachers putting a temperature probe into a cup of coffee
Sandy McMullen, Marge McIlwain, and Karen Donnelly (Three who consulted on writing the grant)
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