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Free E-book with Purchase of a Go Direct Sensor Bundle

To help you engage your students in hands-on science learning this school year, we’re giving away an e-book with the purchase of a Go Direct sensor bundle!* Each bundle includes two of our most popular wireless sensors—and each e-book features over 30 experiments.

Save More with Our Software Subscription Bundles

Enrich your instruction with our award-winning apps, Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro and Vernier Video Analysis®. This back-to-school season, we’re giving away an e-book with a purchase of a subscription. Plus, bundle these apps together for even more savings!

*Back-to-school offers are valid through October 31, 2023, and are valid for US educators only.

Explore the Sun, Soil, and Water
with our new Go Direct sensors

Go Direct Pyranometer

Measure the power of electromagnetic radiation with the Go Direct Pyranometer. This sensor reads in watts per square meter, so it’s perfect for experiments that involve solar cells and calculating their efficiency.

Go Direct PAR Sensor

Accurately measure light available for photosynthesis in both air and water with the Go Direct PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) Sensor.

Go Direct Salinity Sensor

Easily and precisely measure water with a wide variety of salinities, from brackish water to ocean water—and even hyper-saline environments.
This water-resistant sensor measures the total dissolved salt content in an aqueous solution.

Go Direct Soil Moisture Sensor

Now with a built-in temperature sensor, this rugged device can simultaneously measure the volumetric water content and temperature of soil!

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