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Increase Student Engagement with Our Software
Help students form critical connections between abstract scientific ideas and the real world. This back‑to‑school season, we’re giving away an e‑book with a purchase of a software subscription. Plus, when you bundle two of our most popular apps, you’ll enjoy even more savings!
Back to School GA Pro Bundle
Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro

Do more with your Vernier sensors to deepen and extend learning with Graphical Analysis Pro. By upgrading to Pro, you unlock key features that can help you enrich live instruction while providing more opportunities for students to interact with and analyze data outside of class time.

For a limited time, get our Advanced Physics with Vernier—Beyond Mechanics e-book for free when you purchase a one-year subscription to Graphical Analysis Pro.*

Order code: BTS23-GAP

$149 Savings of $44

Vernier Video Analysis Bundle
Vernier Video Analysis®

Explore motion everywhere—in the classroom and the real world! With this streamlined app, students can design their own investigations, record videos, and then analyze the motion. 

Purchase a one-year site license to Vernier Video Analysis and receive our Vernier Video Analysis: Conservation Laws and Forces e-book for free.*

Order code: BTS23–VVA

$225 Savings of $28

Two Award-Winning Apps for One Great Price

Combine Graphical Analysis Pro and Vernier Video Analysis to help your students gain a deep understanding of phenomena, regardless of the data source: sensors or videos.

Give your students more opportunities to explore the world! Bundle and save this back-to-school season!* Plus, receive our Advanced Physics with Vernier—Beyond Mechanics e-book and our Vernier Video Analysis: Conservation Laws and Forces e-book for free.*

One-Year Subscription
Order Code: BTS23-GV1YR 

$299 Savings of $144

Three-Year Subscription
Order Code: BTS23-GV3YR

$699 Total Savings of $495

*Back-to-school offers are valid through October 31, 2023, and are valid for US educators only.

See Our Back‑to‑School Go Direct Bundles

To help you engage your students in hands-on science learning this school year, we’re giving away an e-book with the purchase of a Go Direct sensor bundle!* Each bundle includes two of our most popular wireless sensors—and each e-book features over 30 experiments.

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