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Bio-Rad Kits

We have heard from many of you that Bio-Rad is your first choice for biotechnology curricula and equipment. Bio-Rad combines high-quality supplies, equipment, and curricula with outstanding customer service and technical support—things we believe are important to teachers. Vernier and Bio-Rad enhance classroom experiences with joint experiments and curricula for biotechnology.

Bio-Rad Kit Vernier Experiments Products for Experiment
Biofuel Enzyme KitBiofuel Enzyme Kit
Got Protein? KitGot Protein? Kit
Comparative Proteomics KitComparative Proteomics Kit I Introduction to Molecular Evolution
Forensic DNA Fingerprinting KitForensic DNA Fingerprinting Kit Forensic DNA Fingerprinting
pGLO Bacterial Transformation KitpGLO Bacterial Transformation Kit pGLO Bacterial Transformation
Analysis of Precut Lambda DNA KitAnalysis of Precut Lambda DNA Kit Analysis of Precut Lambda DNA
C. elegans Behavior KitC. elegans Behavior Kit None available
Microbes and Health KitMicrobes and Health Kit None available
Protein Expression and PurificationProtein Expression and Purification None available
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