Pivot Interactives for Biology


Pivot Interactives is a powerful online supplement to hands-on biology experiments, enabling students to vary experimental parameters one at a time to view results from a set of many videos of the same experiment. This robust video library gives your students the opportunity to observe and study hard‑to‑replicate experiments and phenomena no matter where they are.

Why Use Pivot Interactives

Pivot Interactives gives your biology students the opportunity to observe and study hard‑to‑replicate phenomena. In the absence of in‑person experimentation, students get the opportunity to interact with experiments virtually. Students make measurements and analyze their data directly within the Pivot Interactives online environment, making it perfect for remote learning.

Free Trial for Educators

Educators can try Pivot Interactives with their students free for 30 days. Browse the entire library of videos, explore the analysis tools, and more.

Why Use Pivot Interactives?

  • Engage with interactive videos.
  • Design their own experiments.
  • Explore the patterns of everyday physical phenomena.
  • Take measurements, then graph the data digitally.
  • Supplement hands-on learning with interactive videos.
  • Use Pivot Interactives as an assessment tool and provide student feedback.
  • Assign interactive experiments to students.
  • Challenge students to design their own experiments.
  • Provide students with remote learning options.

Preview Experiment Examples

Students follow Thomas Hunt Morgan’s discovery of sex-linked traits in fruit flies.


Students observe photosynthesis and the growth of plants in a contained environment.


Students build cellular respiration equation models by observing and collecting data from a diverse set of organisms.


Students explore the different environments that affect the activity of the catalase enzyme and identify the optimal pH and temperature.


Students observe the reaction of brine shrimp to changing light conditions.


Students connect chlorophyll’s properties to its function in light absorbance to support observations of differential photosynthesis.


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