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Featured College Experiment: “Aerobic Respiration”

Featured Experiment for College

Vernier offers more than 1,000 experiments in biology, chemistry, engineering/robotics, and physics that can help you inspire students and integrate data-collection technology into your science courses. We will be featuring at least one of our experiments in each edition of The Caliper.

“Aerobic Respiration”

In this biology experiment, students use a Go Direct® Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe and Go Direct® Temperature Probe (or a Vernier Optical DO Probe and Stainless Steel Temperature Probe) to measure changes in dissolved oxygen concentration.

Aerobic Respiration,” along with a supporting video and data file, is available in Vernier Graphical Analysis Pro. To support science educators during this unprecedented time, we are extending the free trial period for Graphical Analysis Pro from 30 days to the end of June 2022.

This experiment was originally published in Biology with Vernier. It is also available in the Vernier Experiment and Sample Data Library—a free collection of over 300 experiments that can help support remote learning

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