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  • The Future Is Bright: Four High School Students on Their STEM Journey

    February 2021

    We spoke with four students at Montgomery Blair High School—a STEM magnet school in Silver Spring, Maryland—about their studies, their STEM passions, and how they are working to change STEM for the better.

  • Sharon Delesbore

    Working for Diversity in STEM Education

    February 2021

    Sharon Delesbore started her career in coaching, then decided to step into the biology classroom in honor of the teacher that changed her life. As she worked her way into leadership roles, she noticed less and less diversity. She decided that she was going to change that.

  • Dr. Engram

    Blazing New Paths: Dr. Engram’s Historic Journey in Academia

    February 2021

    Dr. Shamaria Engram made history by becoming the first Black woman to graduate from the University of South Florida’s Computer Science and Engineering doctoral program. Getting a PhD wasn’t her original plan; Dr. Engram had hoped she’d become an FBI agent.

  • Oregon Alliance of Black School Educators

    Organization Spotlight: Oregon Alliance of Black School Educators

    February 2021

    We had the opportunity to chat with OABSE President Kevin Bacon, who believes that equity in education is so important because rooting out the systemic inequitable practices within public and private education is foundational to the survival of our democracy.

  • Educator Making a Difference: A Conversation with Dr. Calvin Mackie

    February 2021

    Dr. Calvin Mackie, the first Black tenured engineering professor at Tulane University, understands the opportunity education offers historically underserved youth.

  • Desiree Bayonet

    Bridging the Science Gap with Creative, Hands-On Engineering

    February 2021

    “The more hands-on engineering experiences students receive at a younger age, the more they’ll understand that STEM careers are accessible to them,” said Bayonet. “I know I personally would have flourished if I had this type of learning opportunity and exposure to technology when I was in elementary or middle school.”

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