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  • Dave Vernier holding a Vernier caliper

    40 Years in the Making: An Oral History of Vernier Software & Technology

    June 2021

    This year marks 40 years of business for Vernier Software & Technology—a true milestone, to say the least. The company now serves a countless number of educators and students around the world, has more than 100 employees, and partners with leading organizations in education and science. But Dave and Christine Vernier never imagined the company would become what it is today when it all started back in the summer of 1981.

  • Vernier home office circa 1980s

    Vernier: An Evolution

    June 2021

    Educators are always looking for ways to incorporate new technology into their teaching. It’s precisely for this reason that in the late seventies our co-founder Dave Vernier started tinkering with programming using the new Apple II computer, which was released in 1977 and gave way to the widespread use of computers in homes, schools, and offices.

  • John Wheeler headshot

    A Guide to Choosing the Right Edtech Partner

    June 2021

    Based on the sheer amount of marketing emails and sales calls received on a weekly—or even daily—basis, district leaders can surely attest to the seemingly countless number of technologies on the market today. But just how big is the edtech industry?

  • Vernier employees volunteering for SOLVE

    Doing Well by Doing Good: Our Company and Our People

    June 2021

    It’s true that Dave and Christine Vernier started the company in 1981 to help share Dave’s educational software programs with other educators, but he was able to do that this particular summer because he struggled to find a second job in between school years.

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