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  • Classroom Resources for Examining the Impacts of Climate Change

    October 2021

    Teaching students about climate change can be challenging; it’s a broad, interdisciplinary topic, and it’s not always part of an established curriculum. However, teaching students about the impact of climate change can be relatively simple.

  • Place-Based Learning: Fighting Climate Change Where You Live

    October 2021

    Climate change is a global problem that requires global solutions, but your students don’t have to travel far to learn about ways to fight climate change, such as energy conservation. In fact, students can learn about these topics from their very own homes. 

  • Three Must-Watch Videos about Climate Change

    October 2021

    Although climate change is a complex topic, many free videos and documentaries are available to help educators teach students about climate change and how it impacts their everyday lives. 

  • Going Green at the University of Washington

    October 2021

    Today’s college students are highly engaged, equipped with new digital technologies, and committed to tackling the world’s biggest challenges—including climate change. These digital natives, social media experts, tinkerers, creators, and activists are organizing student-led programs to encourage sustainable behaviors across college campuses. One such program is EcoReps at the Seattle campus of the University of Washington (UW). 

  • A Wake-Up Call and a Learning Opportunity: Teaching Students About the UN Climate Change Report

    October 2021

    In August, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (a body of the United Nations) released a report that the UN secretary-general described as “a code red for humanity.”

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