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At Vernier, we care deeply about education, which is why we are dedicated to setting educators up for success and giving them the tools they need to engage students through hands-on, socially relevant science education.

We are continuously developing data-collection devices based on educators’ feedback and needs. We are also strengthening our Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro software to help students make critical connections between abstract scientific ideas and the real world.

Thank you for continuing to inspire us—and partnering with us to create the next generation of STEM-literate citizens.

John Wheeler, CEO
Dave & Christine Vernier, Co-Presidents

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What’s New in 2022

Vernier Video Analysis®:
Conservation Laws and Forces

Vernier Video Analysis: Conservation Laws and Forces explores mechanics topics beyond basic motion, such as conservation of energy and conservation of translational and angular momentum.

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Go Direct® Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

The Go Direct Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer measures the fluorescence and absorbance spectra of samples such as quinine sulfate, fluorescein, chlorophyll, and fluorescent proteins, all while connecting to your device via Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB.

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Go Direct UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

The Go Direct UV-VIS Spectrophotometer connects to your device via Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB to generate full spectra, Beer’s law data, and kinetic traces of ultraviolet and visible-absorbing samples such as aspirin, DNA, proteins, and NADH.

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Go Direct Visible Spectrophotometer

The Go Direct Visible Spectrophotometer is a robust and accurate portable visible light spectrophotometer that connects easily to your device via Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB to conduct Beer’s law experiments, kinetic or equilibrium studies of absorbance, or emission spectrum analysis.

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Go Direct Emissions Spectrometer

The Go Direct Emissions Spectrometer connects to your device via Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB to give precise measurements over a range of 350–900 nm. Use it with or without the Vernier Emissions Fiber (not included) to examine spectra of light bulbs, spectrum tubes, or the sun.

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Go Direct Wide-Range Pressure

Using robust metal fittings and a leakproof seal, Go Direct Wide-Range Pressure measures absolute pressures up to 690 kPa with excellent accuracy.

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Save time and space with our suite of Go Direct® spectrometers.

These innovative, easy-to-use instruments have a small footprint and collect data in seconds. Data can be collected and analyzed using Vernier Spectral Analysis® or LabQuest App, which offer various analysis features, such as curve fitting and data interpolation. Plus, our free Vernier Spectral Analysis app works with a wide variety of devices via Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB.

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Do more with your Go Direct sensors with Vernier Graphical Analysis Pro!

Deepen students’ understanding of natural phenomena through engaging and meaningful interactions with real data.

Wirelessly connect most Go Direct sensors to our Graphical Analysis Pro app in just seconds and allow students to collect, visualize, and interact with data in real time—from anywhere and on multiple devices.

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Reimagine data collection with LabQuest® 3.

Elevate hands-on science learning with this cutting-edge data-logging solution.

LabQuest 3 is a powerful, advanced, and versatile stand-alone data-collection platform. Students can navigate LabQuest 3 with ease, thanks to its capacitive touch screen. And with the platform’s wireless capabilities, students can collect data anywhere.

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LabQuest 3

Teach students chromatography with an affordable, portable gas chromatograph.

With the easy-to-use Go Direct Mini GC™, free experiments from the included e-book, and the free Vernier Instrumental Analysis® app, students can separate, analyze, and identify substances contained in a liquid sample. The Go Direct Mini GC uses Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB to connect to your device.

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Go Direct Mini GC

Featured Innovations

LabQuest® 3

LabQuest 3 is a powerful, advanced, easy-to-navigate, and versatile data-logging solution for students.

LabQuest 3 reimagines data collection by providing students with an innovative, easy‑to‑use interface.

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Remote Learning

As the COVID19 pandemic continues to disrupt education systems around the world, we want you to know we’re here for you. We’ve worked hard to ensure you have the best resources to keep your students engaged with science as they learn remotely.

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