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Earth Day

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. In honor of Earth Day, this month we talked to educators, engineers, and organizations that are fighting to make the planet a more sustainable place. We also had our educational specialists create a few innovative experiments to help your students get inspired to learn more about climate change. This is a big threat, but these stories leave us hopeful we can face it.

Camille Rivera headshot
For environmental engineer Camille Rivera, protecting the environment has always been a top priority. She is from Puerto Rico and growing up on an island taught her how big an impact events such as hurricanes can have on the environment....
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Illustration of cover art for The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change
The Teacher-Friendly Guide™ to Climate Change, a textbook released by the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI), was published with an ambitious goal: to get into the hands of every public high school science teacher in the country....
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Illustration showing ocean acidification
Climate change is the cause of a number of devastating consequences facing our planet. However, one often overlooked problem keeping the environmental science community busy right now is ocean acidification....
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Illustration of wind turbines
Introducing renewable energy concepts to students is essential when teaching them how to combat climate change. Learning about renewable energy helps students apply principles in engineering, technology, and science to cultivate sustainable energy resources for the world....
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Illustration of students holding signs
Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our world. Combating this crisis will require a truly collaborative effort at every level if our......
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Photo-illustration of students from Manhattan Catholic Schools
Tyson Vrbas is always seeking out new and interesting ways to engage his middle school students in robotics, a subject he has now taught for 20 years at Manhattan Catholic Schools in Manhattan, Kansas. When he learned about the Vernier...
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Illustration of a data trace over the skyline of Nashville
Have you noticed more greenery such as grass and trees planted around—and even on top of—new buildings in urban areas? Engineers and architects are leading these efforts to help combat a scientific phenomenon called the heat island....
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