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Formative Assessment

Over the past decade, the ways that educators assess their students’ understanding of scientific concepts have transformed. We talked to experts about how assessment has changed, how to achieve authentic assessment, and what assessment will look like in the future.

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Last March, when the pandemic forced so many educators to pivot to remote teaching overnight, everything changed. There were myriad logistical issues to deal with, but one of the most important things that changed was the ability to gauge how...
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Assessments could be intimidating and didn’t take into account the ways students had practiced communicating their understanding in the preceding lessons. The way assessment was implemented often felt exclusionary for some students, especially those who struggled with historically limited modalities...
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Page Keeley
According to author and education expert Page Keeley, formative assessment is one of the most effective strategies for improving the opportunity for all students to learn. This teaching tool gives educators valuable information to design their lessons to meet their...
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Chris Lazzaro
Formative assessment can provide a powerful way to help science educators drive their instruction and, in turn, help students succeed. But, what exactly does this look like in today’s educational environment? How can educators leverage technology and incorporate hands-on science...
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