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Recommendations for College General Chemistry

Investigate gas laws, acid-base reactions, stoichiometry, and more with our integrated solution of sensors, software, curriculum, and support.

Our solutions help students collect accurate data, visualize trends and relationships, and explore different hypotheses for both conventional and innovative experiments.

Acid-Base Titration

Complete an acid-base titration with our pH probes that have 0.1 pH unit accuracy and a drop counter that accurately converts drops to volume.

Beer’s Law

Our affordable Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer allows you to record the full absorbance spectrum of copper (II) sulfate to find λmax to create a graph of Abs vs. concentration as instructed from the experiment Determining the Concentration of a Solution: Beer’s Law.

Go Direct® Sensors or LabQuest® Sensors

We have two solutions to conduct college general chemistry experiments. Both solutions will work with your Chromebook™, computer, or mobile device platform.

Go Direct Sensors

Collect sensor data directly on your device via Bluetooth® or USB. This solution is best for students who use their own computer, Chromebook, or mobile device for data collection and analysis.

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Stainless Steel Temperature ProbepH SensorGas Pressure SensorConductivity ProbeDrop CounterORP SensorGo Direct® SpectroVis® Plus SpectrophotometerVoltage Probe

LabQuest Sensors

Collect sensor data with a LabQuest interface with or without a separate device. This solution is best for students who use a computer or a standalone LabQuest device for data collection and analysis.

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