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Coding and Robotics

Coding and Physical Computing Skills Prepare Your Students for the 21st Century Workplace

No matter what career students choose tomorrow, basic computer science skills are relevant for every 21st century learner today. We offer a range of coding and robotics solutions—from entry-level, block-based languages for elementary school students to advanced instrument-control programming for high school and college.

Coding with Go Direct Sensors

Coding introduces problem solving, nurtures creativity, increases critical thinking, and builds confidence. We have added coding support to our Go Direct sensors so that your students can develop computational thinking as they lean to code. 


When your students design robots and develop code, they express ideas in new ways. With robotics, your students learn skills extending beyond the screen as they program robots to interact with the physical world. 

We are coders, educators, and your team

We’re here to support you as an educator as you implement data-collection technology into your teaching. See how our products provide you with affordable classroom and laboratory solutions designed for student success.

Featured Robotics and Coding Experiments

Security and Emergency Systems

In this activity, students simulate various security and emergency systems using different sensors and devices on mBot:

  • A car alarm (triggered by the Line-Follower Sensor)
  • A security system (requires a “keyless entry” code be entered on the IR Remote Control)
  • The sirens and warning lights on an emergency vehicle (using the Buzzer and the LEDs) Students also learn to use mBlock’s “timer” block to control code execution.
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