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Vernier Software & Technology

Why Choose Vernier?

You have an abundance of educational technology vendors to choose from. But only Vernier offers unparalleled products, services, and support.

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A high percentage of our managers and employees are former teachers themselves, and all are familiar with the demands of the classroom. Every product we consider, every decision we make, is based on supporting the needs of educators and students. And every employee – from production, to engineering, to technical support, – is here to serve teachers.

Product Development

Vernier continuously develops new data-collection technology, integrating features identified through our ongoing dialogues with teachers. When you invest in Vernier products, you’ll have the confidence that every software application, every sensor, and every lab book has been designed with your needs in mind. Every product has been “road-tested” under the most real-life conditions possible—and has survived day-to-day classroom use by real students.


When you’re in the middle of a lab, you have 25 noisy students waiting, and a sensor that’s acting up, Vernier will be there for you. On the phone or on your campus, our support team—won’t rest until they find the best solution for you and your Vernier product—whether you bought it years ago, or just last week.

Outreach Programs

Vernier employees and teacher consultants travel the country, talking to teachers – and listening. We attend trade shows, conduct workshops, and make countless school visits, learning about the challenges teachers are facing, and what products would make their lives easier. Then we get to work, creating the tools teachers want most.

Site-Licensing Model

As former teachers ourselves, we know your technology budget is slim. With Vernier’s exclusive site-licensing model, when you purchase one copy of any of our software applications, you’re free to distribute it throughout your school (and to your students and teachers for home use). No need to track which copy is “legal,” and which one isn’t. And, selected Vernier lab books arrive with a CD containing the original Microsoft Word files, so you can customize, copy, and publish your own labs in whatever way works best for you.

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