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Logger Pro® for Linux Public Beta

Vernier provides a free public beta of our award-winning Logger Pro software for the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

The public beta release is our current stable version of Logger Pro for Linux. It has not gone through all of our formal internal quality assurance tests.

Logger Pro for Linux is not open source software. While the public beta is free, we may charge for any future release version.

You may want to consider Graphical Analysis for Chrome for your Linux computers. It is our free app for the Chrome web browser.

Logger Pro for Linux Screenshot

Logger Pro for Linux Features

Logger Pro for Linux is based on Logger Pro 3 for Windows and Mac. While the Linux version does not include all the features shared by Windows and Mac, it provides most of the core functionality for data collection and analysis.

Key Features

  • Collect data real-time from over 50 sensors
  • Powerful analysis tools to help students hypothesize experiments, interpret their data, form conclusions, and inspire inquiry
  • Visualize data with graphs, meters, and displays to connect data and learning

See more Logger Pro features »

Supported Products

Supported Linux OS

Unsupported Features

  • Video and photo features, such as capture and analysis
  • TI calculator import
  • Spectrometers
  • WDSS
  • Go Wireless® sensors
  • Vernier Data Sharing

Download Logger Pro for Linux Public Beta

  1. Download Logger Pro for Linux Public Beta

  2. Uncompress the tgz file, extracting the two debian packages: vstdrivers and vstloggerpro
  3. Double-click vstdrivers file to install the Vernier Drivers
  4. Double-click vstloggerpro file to install Logger Pro for Linux
  5. Optionally drag desktop icon to the launcher

Logger Pro for Linux will appear in the Applications/Education menu after it is installed (some systems need a reboot before the menus are updated).

Ubuntu systems configured to use Spanish as the primary language will automatically use the Spanish version of Logger Pro.


Release Notes

See the list of changes in the release notes »

Contact Us

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, feel free to contact us by email at

Beta Discussion Forum

We encourage feedback from the public beta by email and our discussion forum for Logger Pro for Linux. 
Go to the beta forum »

Graphical Analysis for Chrome

Our free app for the Chrome web browser allows you to collect, analyze, and share sensor data with Vernier sensors. While it is designed for the Google Chromebook, it works on any computer running a Chrome web browser. Graphical Analysis for Chrome

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