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New Version of Logger Pro® 3 Available

The link you have accessed is for an old version of Logger Pro.

Contact Your Instructor

Please contact your instructor for a link to the current version of Logger Pro. You can send the text provided below to your instructor.

Click anywhere in the gray box to select the text.

Dear Instructor,

The download link for Logger Pro that you distributed is not for the current version. Please follow these instructions to obtain your updated links.

How to Distribute the Current Version of Logger Pro

  1. Sign in to your account:
  2. Click Your Licensed Downloads and Passwords.
  3. Click Distribute to Your Students.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.


Get Logger Pro Now

If you need Logger Pro right now, please download our free 30-day demo of the current version of Logger Pro and contact your instructor to send you an updated link.

Download Logger Pro Demo »

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