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Elementary Science
Properties of Matter, Forces and Interactions, and Electricity

Teach with Vernier—your committed lab partner for teaching elementary science with technology. Our complete solution of sensors, experiments, and resources is dedicated to your teaching success and your students’ learning.

Lab Equipment

Lab equipment and accessories make it easier to set up experiments, get better data, and enhance explorations.


Make experiments the most engaging part of your science instruction with our teacher-tested lab books. Each book includes ready-to-use student instructions, teaching tips, sample data, and customizable word-processing files of the student pages.

Elementary Science with Vernier

Elementary Science with Vernier

Topics include properties of matter, forces and interactions, and electricity.

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Investigating Wind Energy

Investigating Wind Energy

Topics include energy, renewable energy, and engineering design.

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Investigating Solar Energy

Investigating Solar Energy

Topics include energy, renewable energy, and electricity.

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Investigating Temperature

Investigating Temperature

Topics include properties of matter and energy transfer.

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Ciencia en la Primaria con Vernier

Ciencia en la Primaria con Vernier

Topics include temperature, motion, force, magnetism, light, electricity, and pressure.

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Graphical Analysis 4

Graphical Analysis 4 is our free app for collecting, analyzing, and sharing sensor data. Available for Chrome, iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

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Logger Lite

Logger Lite is our free software for collecting and analyzing sensor data. Available for Windows and macOS.

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LabQuest Viewer

Display and control LabQuest on a computer to teach students how to use LabQuest, demonstrate experiments, or share class data.

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Getting Started

With our elementary science packages and recommended products, it is easier than ever to equip your lab.

Stellar Service
Makes a Measurable Difference

Stellar Service Makes a Measurable Difference

Stellar Service

Makes a Measurable Difference

Stellar Service Makes a Measurable Difference

Engaging students in the collection and analysis of scientific data takes innovative technology. It also takes stellar service from the partner you choose. At Vernier, our priority is to provide science educators with unparalleled customer service, technical support, and resources so that you are always supported when integrating our technology.

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