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Arduino and Vernier Sensors

Using Two Analog Sensors

The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield contains two analog (BTA) sockets that will allow you to take sensor readings from two different analog sensors at the same time. This feature gives you greater flexibility when creating your projects.

However, be aware that the VernierLib commands are only supported for sensors plugged into the Analog 1 port. To use two sensors, you must write a sketch that uses the VernierLib commands for the first sensor and the calibration equations (as explained in the Calibrating Analog Sensors section) for the second sensor. If you are using a temperature sensor, we recommend plugging it into the Analog 1 port as its calibration equations are quite cumbersome.

Note you can also take data from two sensors with two Analog Protoboard Adapters. Be sure to wire them as explained in the Connecting Vernier Sensors to the Arduino Using a Breadboard section.



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