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Arduino and Vernier Sensors

Connecting Vernier Sensors to Arduino Using Vernier Arduino Interface Shield

The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield plugs directly on top of an Arduino board. It contains two analog (BTA) sensor ports and two digital (BTD) sensor ports labeled Analog 1, Analog 2, Digital 1, and Digital 2 from left to right. The Analog 1 and Analog 2 ports will accommodate over 80 Vernier analog (BTA) sensors. The Digital 1 port is used for all digital (BTD) sensors. The Digital 2 port is generally reserved for motors, LCD displays, and the Vernier Digital Control Unit (DCU). The shield also includes a reset button, a general-purpose button, and an indicator LED.

Vernier Arduino Interface Shield
Vernier Arduino Interface Shield
SparkFun Arduino shield connected to an Arduino
Vernier Arduino Interface Shield mounted on SparkFun RedBoard (RedBoard sold separately)

The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield was developed in conjunction with SparkFun Electronics and is compatible with SparkFun’s Redboard, the Arduino Uno, or any 5V Arduino with similar pinouts, such as the Arduino Mega or Leonardo.



Vernier Engineering Contest

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