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Arduino and Vernier Sensors

Drop Counter

The Vernier Drop Counter records the number of drops that fall from a reagent reservoir. It is often used to perform accurate, automatic titrations. The Drop Counter produces a signal that can be detected on the Arduino digital lines.

The Drop Counter should be connected to the Digital 1 port on the Vernier Arduino Interface Shield or a Digital Protoboard Adapter wired to Arduino pins 2, 3, 4, and 5 as explained in the Connecting Vernier Sensors to the Arduino Using a Breadboard section. The VernierLib library does not support the Drop Counter, but the sample sketch, VernierTutorialDropCount, monitors the sensor and counts drop events over a period of ten seconds. It then reports the number of drops on the Serial Monitor. Note the VernierTutorialDropCount sketch can also be used with a Vernier Photogate to count the number of times the photogate beam is blocked during a period of time.



Vernier Engineering Contest

Vernier recognizes instructors for creative uses of Vernier sensors to introduce engineering concepts and/or practices. Vernier Engineering Award »

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