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Arduino and Vernier Sensors

Radiation Monitor

The Vernier Radiation Monitors detects alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation. Applications include nuclear counting statistics, shielding, and decay rate measurements. The Radiation Monitor produces a signal that can be detected on the Arduino digital lines.

The Radiation Monitor should be connected to the Digital 1 port on the Vernier Arduino Interface Shield or a Digital Protoboard Adapter wired to Arduino pins 2, 3, 4, and 5 as explained in the Connecting Vernier Sensors to the Arduino Using a Breadboard section. The VernierLib library does not support the Radiation Monitor, but the sample sketch, VernierTutorialRadiation, monitors the sensor and counts the number of radiation events that occur every second. It then reports the number of radiation events on the Serial Monitor.





Vernier Engineering Contest

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