Importing Data into Graphical Analysis 4

Any sketch that prints Vernier sensor readings to the Serial Monitor can be used to import data into our data-analysis app, Graphical Analysis 4. This multi-featured app allows you to set the graph scale, calculate statistics, interpolate values, and fit lines or curves. You can view your data in tabular form and display up to three graphs at once. The app is compatible with most systems and devices, including Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chromebook.

When printing your data to the Serial Monitor, it should be in columnar form. Headings are not important as only numbers will be imported.

Time	Force
seconds newtons
0 0
0.5 2.44


Use the cursor to highlight the data and choose copy. Note that the Serial Monitor window continuously scrolls. You may need to stop the data scrolling before you can drag over the data and copy it.

Open Graphical Analysis 4 and choose Manual Entry. Position the cursor in the first cell of the Data Set table and choose paste. Your data will graph automatically.