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Controlling a Mousetrap with a Photogate

In 1984, Dave Vernier wrote the book How to Build a Better Mousetrap and 13 other Apple II Projects. The title project of this book was a somewhat whimsical mousetrap that used a photogate placed in a box to detect a mouse and then used a stepper motor to lower the door on the box to catch the mouse. Even though the stepper motor was fairly slow at lowering the door, the trap worked well to catch quite a few mice (or perhaps to catch one mouse many times).

This sketch is for the Arduino version. The stepper motor is attached to the DCU. A pulley on the stepper motor has string wrapped around it. This string goes over a pulley and holding up a vertical sliding door.

How to Build a Better Mousetrap and 13 other Apple II Projects - by David Vernier



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