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Students testing the strength of a balsa wood bridge

Testing and analyzing helps students evaluate structure failure to improve designs.

Putting the “E” in STEM

Science experiments traditionally focus on a particular principle and specify which tools to use in the investigation. Engineering activities, on the other hand, typically present a problem and challenge students to apply creativity and limited materials to solve it.

Increase student engagement by including engineering activities in your science curriculum. Engineering activities offer an alternative form of assessment and fosters good problem-solving skills.

Bridges and Structures Testing

Connect mathematics and physics concepts to real-world bridges and structures with activities for the Vernier Structures & Materials Tester.

Vernier Structures & Materials Tester »

Vernier Structures & Materials Tester

Renewable Energy and KidWind

A full science and engineering solution, focused on renewable energy, with lab books, equipment, and competitions.

Renewable Energy Investigations »

Engineering Extension Activities

Engineering Extension Activities provide a way to add an engineering component to a Vernier science experiment. Use sensor data and Logger Pro software (or LabQuest 2) to help solve an engineering problem.

Engineering Extensions for Experiments »

Build Your Own Sensors

Build your own sensors (BYOS) activities give students the opportunity to build their own detectors and measurement devices. Students assemble an electronic circuit and use Logger Pro software to calibrate and test their sensor.

Build Your Own Sensors »

Engineering Projects

Engineering projects challenge students to design solutions to real-world problems faced by engineers. Students work within given constraints and design requirements, create stated deliverables, and test their designs using Logger Pro software.

Engineering Projects »

Vernier Engineering Contest

Vernier recognizes instructors for creative uses of Vernier sensors to introduce engineering concepts and/or practices.

Vernier Engineering Contest »

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