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Engineering Extension Activities

Turning on a “drinking fountain” based on position and velocity measurements from a motion detector

Engineering Extension Activities provide a way to add an engineering component to a Vernier science experiment. Use sensor data and Logger Pro software (or LabQuest 2) to help solve an engineering problem.


Use your Vernier sensors in a new way! Engineering Extension Activities add an engaging layer of problem-solving and creativity to your science curriculum.

In the real world, sensors are used for more than just data collection and analysis; they act as triggers for alarms, feedback to guide decision-making, and controllers for automated processes. These activities are a great way to give your students an opportunity to tackle interesting engineering design challenges, using the sensors and software with which they are already familiar.

Experiments + Engineering

  • Extend science into real-world engineering solutions
  • Critical thinking for engineering design challenges
  • Can be done in a single-class period

How It Works

For Instructors

  1. Select and edit, if necessary, an extension activity that fits your curriculum, interests, and students’ abilities.
  2. Provide sensors and materials for students to construct prototypes and test ideas.
  3. Help students think critically about the problem presented in the extension activity. Assist them in designing, building, and troubleshooting a solution.
  4. Judge student creations. Do they solve the problem presented in the activity? Offer follow-up questions and further challenges.

For Students

  1. Discuss and determine design requirements to the problem presented in the extension activity. Brainstorm possible solutions.
  2. Build a prototype solution. Test it and refine your design.
  3. Demonstrate to your instructor that your solution meets the design requirements.
  4. Reflect on the final design. What are its advantages? Where could it be improved?

Extension Activities

Activity Sciences
Temperature Monitor Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Pressure Indicator Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Sound Level Meter Physics
Outdoor Lighting Physics
Drinking Fountain Physics
Driven Pendulum Physics
Automated Titration Chemistry
Eye-Controlled Device Biology
Blood Pressure Monitor Biology
Sun-Following Solar Panels Physics

Choose an extension that fits your curriculum. Extension activities are available for biology, chemistry, and physics curricula. Most activities are associated with one or more experiments from our lab books, and they are designed for a single class period.

Each Engineering Extension Activity requires Vernier sensors and an interface. Many require construction materials and simple electronic components, such as LEDs and buzzers. Activities using the Digital Control Unit require Logger Pro computer software or a LabQuest 2.

Engineering for Science Classrooms

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