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Energy Audit

Energy audit with infrared temperature sensor


Your local school board needs your help in developing an Energy Action Plan to “green-up” your school and reduce its carbon footprint. The goal of this project is to reduce energy costs by becoming more energy-efficient. Your primary objective will be to conduct an energy audit of your school’s exterior and interior structure, as well as its mechanical systems, to locate areas for improvement.

Design Requirements

The Energy Action Plan must include a minimum of four action items.

  1. Include a cost estimate:

    • Low to no cost
    • Moderate cost
    • Major capital expense
  2. Include an estimated timeline for completion:

    • Short term: 2–4 weeks
    • Mid-term: Within the current school year
    • Long range: 1–3 years (usually coincides with a major capital expense)
  3. Data from the energy audit must be representative of all areas of the school.

  4. An estimate of potential energy savings must be given.


  • Recordings of ambient light and air temperature levels in major areas of the school
  • Infrared (IR) scans of exterior and interior walls
  • An assessment of your school’s utility bills for electricity, natural gas, and/or fuel oil
  • A proposal describing at least four action items that will improve energy efficiency


  • At least one energy improvement can be implemented by students
  • Recommendations must be made for all monetary levels
  • The majority of action items should have a timeline of one academic school year or less

Judging Criteria

  • Feasibility of action items
  • Probability of implementation
  • Data representation
  • Potential cost savings

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Energy Audit

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