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Scratch and Go! Devices

Screenshot of Scratch with Go!Motion
Connect your Scratch project to the real world using our Go! devices


Scratch is a free, browser-based programming language that is designed for students ages 8 to 16 and supported by an active community of millions of users. Students can use Scratch to design music videos, animations, and video games while learning the fundamentals of coding. Scratch encourages you to share your work and “remix” others’ projects to create something new.

Our Go! Extensions bring real-world data—collected from a Go!Temp, Go!Motion, or Go!Link and a compatible sensor—into your Scratch project. Have a sprite move in response to position data from a Go!Motion or change costumes when the temperature measured by the Go!Temp increases. Our Go! Extensions add a new way for students to interact with code.

If you are new to Scratch, the Scratch team has put together an excellent Help page, with Getting Started guides and video tutorials. Once you are comfortable with the fundamentals of Scratch, our Go! Extensions will allow you to create new kinds of projects that use real-world measurements.

Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Using the Vernier Go! Extensions with Scratch

  1. Install the Scratch Extensions Browser Plugin.
    Note: The browser plugin is only available for Windows or macOS.
  2. Connect a Go! sensor, such as a Go!Temp or Go!Motion, or Go!Link and one of the compatible sensors to your computer.
  3. Launch our extension in your browser. Our Go! Extensions are hosted on the website:
  4. Wait for the green light. When Scratch has identified your Go! device, the device’s LED will turn green, as will the indicator circle in the extension section of Scratch.
  5. Incorporate the data from your Go! device into your project! You’ll find the sensor data variable in the “More Blocks” menu.

FAQs and troubleshooting tips for using Scratch and Go! devices »

Vernier Go! Devices

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