When pet owners walk their dogs, they often guide them with a leash. A leash, attached to the dog’s collar, helps you control the speed of your dog. You can simulate walking a dog using a Vernier Hand Dynamometer and a robot. A Hand Dynamometer, sometimes called a grip strength tester, can be used to control the speed of the robot.


In this project, your challenge is to control the speed of a mobile robot with a Vernier Hand Dynamometer. You can be as creative as you choose in your robot design, but your robot must be able to drive forward in a straight line. You may use the EV3 Educator Vehicle Driving Base, which is found in the Robot Educator section of the MINDSTORMS® software lobby, or design and build your own robot.

Engineering is a process that can be more effective when you approach the problem with planning and forethought. You are encouraged to use the Engineering Design Method as a guide when working through these activities. At the end of this project, you will find an example of an Engineering Design Sheet that was completed for this project. Ask your teacher for blank forms so that you can plan this and future projects effectively and efficiently. Combine the form with your imagination, and you will be amazed at the problems you can solve.